Canadian truckers with support from other parts of the world are converging on Ottawa, Canada, starting on Saturday, January 28, 2022, to protest mandates. Another fulfillment of the Exodus stories. This time perhaps with some teeth.

The Trigger

This was set off by a Canadian government demand that all truckers crossing the US/Canada border be vaccinated. This for a profession usually worked alone in the cab of their own trucks.

Enough was enough, and the truckers mostly walked off their jobs, leaving much of Canada at risk of food shortages. Most of Canada's fresh produce this time of year is hauled in from the south by long haul trucks. Fresh produce shortages were seen almost immediately. Unclear if this is an actual threat to Canadian food security.

So starting on January 22, 2022, a group of truckers left British Columbia for Ottawa in a convoy of protest. As I write this they are expected to mostly arrive on Saturday, the 29th, of January.

There was an immediate outpouring of support, and truckers from across Canada joined in. The Canadian government itself started interfering with the convoys, closing roads and limiting fuel supplies so the arrivals may be a few days late.

The public was suddenly ignited by the hope that someone, somewhere, would take a stand against Canadian Government tyranny. Statesmen usually mark events like this as undermining the legitimacy of the sitting government. Said a different way, the Canadian government could be said to no longer represent the interests of Canadian people, because the people know it.


Canadian media is ignoring the spectacle, or mocking it, but people involved turned to social media and reported for themselves what was going on.

Marcel Irnie

Shows the initial rally in British Columbia.


Picks up the story on January 27.

Marcel Irnie

Gives an invite from a cop in Ottawa, and a little Native culture, also in support. The native support shows the government loosing its left support base. More evidence that this represents a loss in confidence of national leaders.

NewRoad Adventures

Shows the scenes off highways in and around Toronto. Note the size of the crowds.

Jordan B Peterson

Was asked to interview Brian Peckford, who is the last living survivor of a group that gave Canada their equivalent of the US Bill of Rights. This done in 1981 when Canada separated from the UK. Nothing Canada has done with Covid in the past year is legal, as he explains. Threats like that supposedly posed by Covid require a parliamentary process, as per the Canadian Constitution. None of that process has been followed.

Peckford is launching a lawsuit to try and stop the insanity without the need for the public to go to arms. Good luck to you Mr. Peckford, you will need it. Good luck finding a court that is not as utterly corrupt as the rest of the Canadian federal government.


A large internal migration of people, in this case converging on the Canadian capital, is a similar match to the internal migration in the USA of people leaving California and other leftist states like Oregon, Washington and New York.

This event in Canada is much more sudden, and acute, than what we've seen so far in the USA. It is a general match to what we would expect. But, there are other interesting points.

Notice the timing of the rally planned on Saturday, January 29, 2022. This is the start of Unleavened Bread. This holiday marks the departure from Egypt. So by calendar timing this event stands a better chance of succeeding than anything we've seen so far.

We have recently seen the UK, the Netherlands and Denmark drop all mandates, and now seems to be the time for this to happen more broadly. Pharaoh letting everyone go as everyone realizes there is death in every house.

The final point I want to make involves the use of large trucks. There are both Semi Trucks and personal pickup trucks in this convoy. This allows drivers to carry their own food and water and to basically camp in Ottawa for as many weeks as they might need.

If we look at the text of the Exodus, there is an interpretive trick for understanding the end by looking back at the start. Going INTO Egypt marks details that will replay on the way out. In particular Jacob's family were brought TO Egypt using carts supplied by Pharaoh himself.

So we see in this protest a use of carts/trucks to mark something at the time of the Exodus. Of course the Canadian trucks were surplussed by government action in preventing their drivers from working. Same direction, by the way, carts traveling TO Pharaoh's capital. This is a nice match.

Note there are convoys in sympathy in several other countries, Australia, Sweden, Brazil and a convoy in the USA up to Ottawa are mentioned in the videos above. This is striking a nerve with people around the world.

Watch this event as it unfolds over the next few weeks. There are hopeful reasons to think this may be the end of Pharaoh's response to Covid.

More Later,