Introducing: Qu Map

This past week we turned on a new public Qu Map app. This post covers the history and use of this curious app.

The Link

Like all of our apps, the links are found on This new app has a direct link at If you launch it, and just look at it, you can see the map that I explain below.

The Alphabet

The Paleo Alphabet consists of 22 letters and 3 punctuations, 25 total glyphs. The prime factors of 25 are 5 and 5, so there is only 1 even arrangement of those glyphs into a grid of 25 cells, that being 5x5.

Curiously, the letters themselves are drawn on a 5x5 grid too, so there is a sense of design implicit from the glyphs themselves when they are arranged on a 5x5 grid.


But, the question became, what was the best way to take all 25 glyphs and put them into a 5x5 arrangement? Of course they could be arranged in rows, like letters on a written page, or a field at a farm. But there might be some story in the text of scripture that would suggest something more meaningful.

That inspiring story is the story of the Throne Room in Revelation 4:2-4.

In that story a central throne is surrounded by 24 others, a total of 25 thrones. The thrones encircle the central throne, Joshua's throne.

Because the Quad punctuation does not pair to other glyphs it makes sense to arrange the glyphs with the quad in the middle of a 5x5 grid. In other words, to assign Joshua to the quad glyph, the outlier.

If we also want to keep the letters in order, like stepping stones, moving along the alphabet, then the 25 glyphs will need to start somewhere at the edge and wiggle around ending in the middle.

You can play with this yourself, but, there is 1 pattern that is particularly special. Start in the middle, bottom, row. Put the dot there. Then head around the 16 outside squares. The Wa through the Sa are now placed. From there move up 1, and place the Oo. 7 letters fill this circle with the Ta to the right. Above the first dot sits the Colon, and above that, in the very middle, sits the Quad.

Step back and look again at this pattern. All the punctuation lines up from the entrance up to the middle. Mentally draw a line through all these glyphs. Now, mentally draw a line between the outer ring of glyphs and the inner ring of glyphs. What letter did we just mentally draw?

We just mentally inscribed a Qu letter on a map of 25 cells. This is why we call this arrangement the Qu Map. We pronounce the Qu as 'Kwoo.' We use the consonant blend of 'kw' to distinguish it from the hard sound of the letter 'k.'

The Qu letter, by the way, is a brain. The purpose, and internal design, of brains are to keep track of the location of things. For all natural organisms, the first purpose of a brain is to find the location of food. After that, the brain can be used for other maps.


So if the throne room is inspiring the arrangement of the kings, might the kings occupy thrones at these locations? Of course.

Use the menus in the app to advance to the next page and you can see the names of each of the kings. They are in the order of their OT writings, and matched to the glyphs, in order, too. They are the inspired OT writers, after all. They were also all walk-offs, none of them died.

They still come and go from earth, and are the real people behind what are typically called 'angel encounters' but really king encounters. Moses and Elijah were resident across Joshua's earthly life, as but 1 example.

Each king grids to a letter. There is usually something within the text for each of these kings where the meaning of the letter is ascribed to the king himself. Job's robe, for example, is cloth of the letter Ta.

To see these matches, click or tap on the cell. This brings up a popup for the letter. It starts with the letter at the top, and then moves down to the king.

Those 25 popups each tell a story, about the letter itself, then the king, and then more. Let me explain what follows by starting with a prophetic journey.


Many years ago, when we were living in the woods of northern Idaho, I had a dream. In the dream I drove, and drove and drove, arriving at a parking lot. There were palm trees. Then a snow capped mountain in the background. It was not an actionable dream. Where do palm trees and snow capped mountains come together?

Another dream called out Biola University, by name. In that dream we were sent to find a book. As we were learning to be obedient to this sort of prophetic leading we knew we had to drive it out. In that case we knew where to go, exactly. We drove south, 1400 miles, to visit the Biola University Library.

We were there the very last day non-students could enter. Signs indicated the entrance was closed for remodeling. There was a detour through a side door. Signs also warned that student IDs would be needed the next day to open the new main entrance turnstiles in order to enter the building at all. We found the book but that library visit was an embarrassing misadventure, and a story for another time

While we were in the Los Angles area already we went over to Disneyland as another prayer destination. We had done similar intercession up north, and felt this landmark important enough to visit there in order to pray.

Curiously, on a similar trip in the future, the news reported on the arrest of someone who had planned to blow it up. They would be arrested while we were praying. Intercession matters. Joshua answers prayer like this, and this is why it is important to follow these leadings. If we had failed to follow those directions Joshua would have held us responsible for some of the harm caused by that bomber. Why? Because we would have failed to pray as directed. There are agency and blessing and cursing issues in prayer, but again, a story for another day.

In any case, after our misadventures at the Biola University Library we went over to Disneyland to pray. We were there just for a few minutes, so we stopped at a drop off zone near the front. At this moment, we had found the palm trees from the first dream. They line the roads throughout the area there. We could also easily see the Matterhorn Mountain (ride) in the background. Something of a local landmark. That crazy dream of palm trees and a snow capped mountain wasn't so crazy after all.

For many years thereafter we used Disneyland as a type of Jerusalem, and visited there on the various Biblical holidays. It was an extensive classroom for us. For both the discipline of keeping the holidays, and because Disneyland was built by a modern 'industrial' prophet.

Industrial Prophets

I use the term 'Industrial Prophet' to explain people like Henry Ford and his invention of cheap, mass production, of the automobile. Ford changed the face of the modern world. Bill Boeing, a lumber baron, whose company eventually built the 747 and made international travel affordable to all. The Copper Kings in Butte, Montana, are another set. Duke, of Duke University fame, is yet another 'Industrial Prophet'. Elon Musk is the only living Industrial Prophet that I know of, pushing the world to stop using fossil fuels and to provide cheap transportation to and from Mars.

I exclude from this list people like Bill Gates. Affiliations like his, with the Deep State, Soros, and so on, make him into a false prophet, or prophet of Baal. Most industrial prophets tangle with the bankers and state actors in troubling ways. Elon's tweets over Senator Karen and immediate resulting FAA delays in flight approvals in Boca Chica are a good current example.

Walt Disney was also an Industrial Prophet. He was an inventor at heart, like most of the others I've called out above. He invented the machinery for making animated cartoons. He was also gripped with a vision for a theme park that eventually became what we know of as Disneyland.

Importantly, his most important movie was Mary Poppins. To understand that movie, watch another movie, Saving Mr. Banks. In any case, Mary Poppins provided the profits to Disney so the company could purchase the land in Florida for Disney World, eventually the site for Epcot. Disney in Florida is a Qu Map story for another time. Disneyland, though, is a very interesting place, and Walt's park occupies 2 pages in the Qu Map app. They are important to understand.

Design of Disneyland

The history of the early designs for Disneyland have been exhibited off and on in the park itself. Originally intended for a small piece of land near the Disney studios, eventually Walt decided to buy a larger piece of land out in what were orange groves south east of Los Angeles.

Here he built the skeleton for the park of today. Main street, the central wheel, the castle, and various 'lands' spread out from there.

What we found in our various trips to Disneyland was a park with a macro design that follows the 5x5 grid of the Qu Map. There are 25 major rides at the park. They are arranged in the same 5x5 grid. And, those rides connect thematically to the letters and kings I've already introduced.

This should not have happened given random chance alone. Joshua had his hand in the work, as would be expected if Walt really was a prophet of old. Walt Disney himself died long before many major rides were ever built. Those newer rides still follow the basic design.

The next page in the Qu Map, currently after the kings, is the map for those 25 main Disneyland Rides. You can explore the notes on your own. I would also suggest finding videos on Youtube if you want to explore each ride without visiting the park itself.

But, we are not quite done with Disneyland. At the castle are another set of rides. Castle rides are sometimes called 'kiddie rides.' These include the carousel, Peter Pan's flight over London, and many others. It turns out there are 25 of this type of ride too. They are also arranged in a rough 5x5 grid. They also follow the Qu Map in their rough geographic and thematic arrangement.

I will leave it to you to explore the app and read through the notes. Again, look for online videos taken by guests riding these rides if they are unfamiliar to you.

I consider Disneyland as a classroom for the letters. Learn how prophetic vocabulary works out in the built up world by walking the park and understanding the rides. Once this classroom is mastered, it is time to start mastering the real word.

Design of the USA

The Qu Map app currently includes a final page. This page lists 25 major locations across the USA. The USA itself follows the same 5x5 grid, alphabet based design.

Major places, like Optics Valley in Tuscon, AZ, are mapped geographically back to the Qu map. Themes for the letter, like the Oo, or Eye explain themes found on the ground. This works for many major places across the country.

Explore the notes in the Qu Map app for more.

More Possible Places

There are many other possible pages that could be added in the future. The entire planet, for example, probably has a Qu Map that informs human civilization at large. Ayer's rock, in Australia, for example, may map via the Qu Map to the large rock near Atlanta, GA, and thus the Ta. The Nile river system would map to the Mississippi in the USA and thus back to the central spine of the Qu Map.

Of course the world may not be fully built out yet, so the world map may be sparse compared to some point in the future.

I have briefly looked at some cities, like Seattle and Los Angeles. They appear to follow the Qu Map in their general design. Parts of the world, like Europe, may already have a Qu Map design, though I have not studied Europe closely.

More Possible Grids

There are also many other possible internal maps. Other subjects, besides just the kings, might go into the Qu Map app eventually. The 25 New Testament books, once we know them with certainty, for example, will go into the Qu Map app. Some lists of 12, like commandments, unfolded, might also go into the app.

These other pages are in the future. For now, we have put enough online in order for others to learn the tools needed to find these patterns in other places. Using these tools you can learn the characteristics of major places in the world.

Disney called these 'Hard Truths' in his opening ceremony at Disneyland. Something lost in our over entertained modern world. Something lost to modern Disney management.


Anyone who is doing Sabbath Reads can use this app for understanding the theme's for that day's read. This is the permanent new home for material that was in the headers of the 400 app.

More Later,