Russian invasion of Ukraine is probably the fulfillment for our expected March 1, 2022, watch date. Though there could still be a more precise event closer to the date itself. In this blog we look at what we know so far.

Promises To Russia

A recent report in Germany's Spiegel, but carried widely in other media like Sputnik, showed a photocopy of the 1991 promise to Russia not to expand NATO east in return for support in reunifying Germany.

The concern of Russia has always been their own state security. Having nuclear weapons or other weapons on its eastern border is a threat.

More importantly, this demonstrated to the world what Putin has been saying for years, that the west is incapable of making and/or keeping international agreements.

So when Biden gives a speech and says the Russian invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked, he is of course wrong. Proving the Russian position that the west is incapable of remembering, much less keeping international agreements.


In general when we look at prophetic headlines involving 2 parties we try and watch the event from both sides. We can never know for sure which side the text might be favoring.

This isn't always easy. Legacy Media are corrupt, and spin the news sometimes into oblivion. To get a view of the Russian side we need to look at something they said about this, without listening to a western commentator.

Putin has given many, many speeches over the past decade on the problems of the western world. The principles in those speeches are the loss of Christian heritage in the west, and thus the loss of Christian principles, including honesty, keeping promises and so on. He has repeatedly said this will lead to the loss of the west itself.

We have watched Canada over the past few weeks. We have seen brutal, tribal, lawless, heartless, anti-Christ leadership from Trudeau. Government actions are no longer in the hands of the elected parliament. With plenty of evidence, even from the floor of parliament itself, that Trudeau is taking orders from the World Economic Forum. This is but 1 very visible example of what Putin has warned would happen in the western world.

In contrast, Russia is generally coming out of about 100 years of collectivism. They generally view political events in the west as following the patterns of when Russia and Germany fell into collectivism. It frightens them, because it foreshadows some mad man sitting on the western military machine and using it to end the world.

Recent Putin Speeches

Putin has now given 2 recent speeches on his reasoning for this Ukraine invasion. We need to look at those in order to understand his side.

The first, on February 21, 2022, he explained the history of Ukraine. An English translation is here.

For Americans, some of this sounds strange. Let me review some key points.

First, the Christianization of Russia, in about 990 AD, happened in Kiev when it was the capital of the Russian speaking world. This was a prophetic event that comes from a prophetic series that starts in Matthew 18. Beyond our scope here, but on the 10 fold Jubilee Cycle.

Russian speakers have generally moved east over the past 1000 years. This is prophetically symmetric to the English speaking world moving out in a westerly direction to North America and other places.

In the Russian case they drifted east, leaving Kiev behind.

So Ukraine is a place with deep historical ties to modern Russia, as Putin briefly mentions in this speech.

He then moves on to the modern problems of Ukraine. As a country it is the creation of Russian dictators who were building territories for the USSR. Those national border lines were NOT following traditional rules for national borders, the rulers of the USSR being godless.

The result was Russian peoples in south east Ukraine were left out of Russia at the collapse of the USSR.

Millions of residents in Donetsk and Lugansk have now been granted citizenship in Russia in case they need to flee Ukraine for some reason. This is a partial fix to a deeper problem.

As you read the speech you can see how he sees this as a family tie to those peoples. This is something with NO match in the English speaking world. The USA for example is a nation of refugees from all over. Family ties do not bear on our political thinking at all. Russia, though, is in part an extended family, sharing DNA, language, history and religion.

So Russian state security concerns for nuclear weapons in Ukraine has strange ties to parts of Ukraine itself, which complicates matters. With both houses of the Russian government formally recognizing Donetsk and Lugansk as independent states they are working to rectify problems from their own past.

Speech 2

Putin gave a second Ukraine speech, on February 24, 2022, an English translation is here. I strongly recommend reading it. He has a better grasp on western culture than most in the west.

In this speech he lays out his view of the west. He calls out NATO as being lead by the USA. He then calls the American empire an 'Empire of Lies' giving many reasons. We see this ourselves in lying Legacy Media, false fact checkers, bans from social media and so on.

Putin says the west is being ruled by brute force. Think Antifa, BLM, J6, Mask Nazis, loony state governors and much more, including what we've seen recently in Canada.

Putin likens this current time to when Russia was not prepared for the Nazi invasion of Russia at the start of World War II. That story is rarely told in American schools as it utterly drowns out all the other sad stories from that era.

Putin is attempting not to make the same mistakes again. There are actual Nazis in Ukraine, but they work for leaders west of Ukraine. Same World Economic Forum leaders as command Trudeau.

Exact Timing

So Putin is likening the west to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. He references World War II frequently, and suggests the west is forgetting those lessons.

As so many are likening the season we are in now in the west to being like Germany in the 1930s, I ran the math. More about that in a future blog post. We are now replaying early 1929 to be precise. These gut feelings many are having are correct. If we have a Hitler this time around he hasn't yet risen to visible power.

Who Is Pharaoh?

Let me ask this in scriptural terms, which is really our concern here. Is Putin calling out the west as run by a prophetic pharaoh? I would think so. Putin is the first world leader we have seen behaving like Moses.

Without a Biblical basis for government morality, the west breaks ALL of the commandments across the entire culture. Putin is NOT speaking as a pharaoh himself, indeed he constantly cites Russia's own Christian heritage, rule of law, mutual respect and so on.

According to Putin, pharaoh must be in the west somewhere. I obviously agree.


The actual prophetic date in question is Tuesday, March 1, 2022, but it could drift into Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, following the story of the midnight departure from Egypt.

As I write this, the Russian army is working Ukraine. Some expect them to be finished demilitarizing by the prophetic date. This would be a fine fulfillment. Even if not finished, it would still be fine. Just as there is a Fog of War, there is at times foggy prophetic fulfillment.

Biden's State of the Union speech is late on that same day, matching the midnight departure from Egypt. He may use that platform to mumble something in fulfillment. Ending Covid in order to salvage the mid term elections is a likely topic.

There may be other headlines which we cannot yet see, so beware. It has been many years since we did watch dates regularly. For many subscribers to this blog this may be the first watch date you've seen. Take note, it may take a week after to finalize the complete fulfillment. Also, we cannot see into private meetings which only history will reveal later.

Many in the western world think this will turn into nuclear war. My own personal prophetic is don't worry, no big nukes at this time.

More Later,