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I have not dealt with Covid for some time here in the blog. Time for a review of what we know so far. This time paying attention to the effects of strange clotting caused by the vaccines.

Covid Is Over, Right?

I have intentionally not covered Covid here recently. Everyone involved seems to have made up their minds. Life for most is now a post-Covid world. It is obvious from walking around in public that only a few souls are still wearing masks when they go out.

But, Covid is not behind us. The problem is the elevated death rates in people who were vaccinated. When the vaccines were first introduced, many medical people started warning about deaths from the vaccines. Depending on various hard to measure rates, deaths were expected to get very high over the next few years. The death rate itself was estimated to peak in maybe late 2023 through maybe late 2025.

The mRNA vaccines are a witches brew of unknown components. So the modes of death were not very predictable. There was not enough data to be sure how this was going to work out.

So I have been watching this space for any interesting news that would help confirm the thinking from a year ago. Are we still expecting high deaths from Covid vaccines? What evidence is there about vaccine related deaths?

Impacts in financial reports are what first caught my attention for this blog. An example is given at the bottom.

The reason for the elevated death rates is now understood to be strange worm-like clot structures growing in the veins of the vaccinated. This has been evident to insiders for awhile now. Let me give some links that help explain what is going on.

RAIR Interviews Richard Hirschman (Rumble)

The people who see this most directly are embalmers. So we start there, and look at an embalmer's testimony. The link above is to a roughly 30 minute interview with Richard Hirschman, one of the few embalmers willing to talk publicly about what he is seeing.

Hirschman works in Alabama. He started noticing strange clots in January of 2021, just after the roll out of the vaccines.

Hirschman reviews the history of these clots, especially how they are quite different than traditional blood clots. These things are so different that the use of the term clot to describe them is mischaracterizing them. Warning, not for the squeamish, there is some graphic content in that video.

Hirschman references an earlier set of videos that you might be interested in if you have the time. Hirschman supplied data to a 3 hour Info Wars broadcast hosted by Mike Adams. Here is that link, to a page on Adam's own website.

Mike Adam, 3 Hrs on New Clots (Natural News)

Adams goes into much of the known details of these things. First hour is microscopy of these new clots. Second hour is another interview with Hirschman, who supplied the specimens for the first hour. The third hour is an interview with another doctor on this subject. This appears to be what is killing everyone who has been vaccinated.

Crowder Interviews O'Looney (Rumble)

This link is to Crowder's new interview with O'Looney. I have linked to interviews of O'Looney in previous blogs. He is the man who started calling out these deaths when they started. I have a lot of respect for him, and recommend watching if you have the hour or so to spare.

O'Looney shows off samples of clots like Hirschman above. What O'Looney brings is a little more balance. Much of the value of this interview is in his side comments. He seems willing to make inferences from what he knows to what should be expected to happen over time.

He suggests these clot like things are growing at different rates in different people. Because of difference between people these things are killing people at different rates. This may be the designed in mode of mass death planned by the group who set this in motion.

Many people I have talked to, who have seen O'Looney's earlier videos, wonder why he is still alive. They did try to knock him off, as he explains near the end in the above link.

Financial Impacts

Numbers are coming in from earnings reports from publicly traded companies that give hard data to this. They must say something publicly by law, even if they don't expressly blame the vaccines. Nearly everyone is keeping mum as to what is going on. They are mostly keeping mum for well founded fears for their lives.

Service Corporation Intl, Lincoln National (Zero Hedge)

The link here is to a Zero Hedge article dealing with 2 US companies impacted by vaccine deaths. The first is seeing earnings increase as they make money from inceasing death rates. The second firm is loosing money as they pay out unexpected death benefits.

In the first case Service Corporation International is seeing a marked boost in the number of funerals they handle on a yearly basis. This began with the introduction of the Covid Vaccine. It continues even more than a year out. The company expects the higher death rates to continue for at least another few years.

The article linked above covers a second case from public earning reports. This second example is from Lincoln National. That firm is well known for providing life insurance.

Before the vaccine, Lincoln National typically paid out around $500M per year in death benefits from claims against their life insurance polices. That payout rate is now running at $1.5B per year. $1B higher than normal. They also expect this rate to continue above normal for several more years. These payouts contributed to a stunning $2.6B annual loss.

Not Over

All of the evidence I have presented here is in general agreement with the medical opinions at the start of mRNA Covid vaccines. They said, as strongly as they could, that this would cause sustained increase in death rates in the vaccinated public. Their analysis is turning out to be roughly correct. This is not going to end any time soon.

More Later,