2020s Prophetic Dates

This blog introduces the main prophetic dates for the rest of the 2020s. Read on.

Build Environment

I have been busy for several weeks rebuilding the build environment that we use for our websites and web apps. Last week I was able to deploy the Clock and Calendar on this new system.

This week I turned my attention to the BibleTime.com website. It is now deployed.

That site is a beast. Many of the articles there were built years ago using server side rendering where it was easy to make pages that changed in real time. It remains the most intricate of our websites in terms of code for specific pages because of that history.

So most of the work this past week was to get that code moved over, either into the new build environment, or else migrated to the refreshed runtime. Maybe 15 different specialized reports of various types are spread across that site.

This new setup is a joy to work in. I made pretty steady progress. I finished up Thursday this week. This includes, by the way, the new Bible quoting system, all gussied up for use in websites.

The new build environment is ruthless about flagging code that is not complete. It ferreted out all sorts of stuff that was broken. Some reports have been broken for a very long time.

One of those broken pages generated the prophetic dates for the 2000th anniversaries of Joshua's earthly life. The old code was still in the Python programming language. It had not been run in a very long time. So I set out to see if I could get it running again in Javascript.

I have learned a ton since that code was originally written. These days I could fill in a bunch of stuff related to those dates that was never there before. To explain what is going on, let me start with the results.

Jesus 2000 (bibletime.com)

The link here is to the page that includes a cluster of smaller reports. All are framed around the idea that Joshua's life would have a prophetic echo 2000 years to the day from when he lived on earth.

This is conceptually simple, but getting at interesting dates from this idea is not simple. The problem is that Joshua's birth era is documented. So is his baptism. So is Passion Week. But not much else.

Most of the rest of Joshua's life is blank. We do not have a day accurate chronology. So running 2000 years forward to the day does not yield very many dates.

The Trick

Joshua's life and his ministry, at least, were prophetic reruns of the main events in the text. His life ran at 1 day to 1 historical year. His ministry ran at 1 day to 30 historical years.

So to run the 2000th anniversaries means accurately timing those prophetic reruns of historical stories. In other words we should be looking for runs of the main historical timeline at 2 different time scales, along with the main dates that we know from the text, especially Passion Week.

That is what the page linked above now does.

1998 Beginning

This entire series began soon after I began working on Bible Time stuff full time early in 1998. That fall had the first wave of headlines, and I did not know much about what was really going on.

There was a series that started in 1974 at the same pace, and it was clear from that series that most of the dates were not very interesting.

So this series on Jesus' life should not be very interesting, especially in the early years. Think of a boy growing into a man. He would get stronger with age. So Joshua related headlines might get stronger too.

In any case, the main birth anniversary headline fulfilled when a leader from Iran traveled to the United Nations in NYC. He spoke to the UN, but also held a press conference with the main US TV anchors as well as reporters from the major news organizations.

He said of himself that he was a 'wise man from the east' who had come to see.

He wanted to spend a month, but said he was busy with other things. He was telling us that he was there on the 8th day, when Joshua was presented in public for the first time. This will matter to fixing the origin for the replay itself.

The series was off to a good start. I watched in 2010 for anything related to his age 12 encounter with teachers. Nothing very obvious happened at 12 years. Though note, his family could not find him either, so we would not expect public headlines. So I have not expected much until the anniversary of his Baptism, later this decade. So getting that page working in 2010 did not matter much either.

But not so fast. Go look at the dates listed on that page again.

Sync Headlines

Once a timeline is worked out, we want to check if the math is right. Do at least a few days sync with important headlines? You can do that yourself from the table of dates linked on that page.

By inspection what you will find are some very key recent dates. The very most recent date listed on that page is 2023-10-08. Remember? This is when the Israelis began war in Gaza, the rave having been the day earlier.

Backing up, you will find 2022-02-22. Remember? The day before, on 2022-02-21, Russia gave diplomatic recognition to the Russian speaking parts of Ukraine. Then on the exact date, 2022-02-22, the Federation Council of Russia authorized the use of military force against Ukraine. That war was begun.

Backing up even more, you will find 2020-03-27. Remember that one? Then US President Trump signed the CARES Act that gave every American $1200. This to compensate for shutting down the economy as per the plan.

Usually a few very strong dates like these mean we are on the pattern. The rest will be running mostly just fine.

More Work

I have looked further back, but the Internet itself is broken for doing research on these sorts of dates where you don't already know the topic. I take that problem as a tooling to-do for the future.

The presentation on that page is tabular and gives the dates. A better form of presentation is as a timeline. That is also still a future to-do. But, the Tabernacles items are as yet a different way to look at these problems.

That presentation of history should be even better. That crown item should show off the repeating patterns of all of history, giving every interesting date much better context.

Whenever I have found a series like this in the past, I always want to see the next date unfold following the pattern. This is the proof we are not just using hind-sight to fit the dates. That test is coming up this February.

Watch Date: 2024-02-18

We have not done watch dates around here in a long time. It looks like we will be able to resume that tradition here soon. What I will be doing on the blog is calling out dates in the week or so before they happen, and then reviewing known headlines the week or so after. Very fun.

The next date up the series is in late February. We will see if we can pick up the scent when that date comes around. Once we have passed 1 future predicted date we know we are on track for the entire series. Watching each date in real time is easier because nobody has time to hide news for the first few days.

Looking Farther Forward

I have written here previously about an echo of World War II that is coming in late 2028.

The basic logic of that comes from some ideas about how Joshua's ministry year overlays World History. But, unlike his life, it extended forward into the future. Passion week lands generally across the past 2 centuries.

But, precisely, the 3 hours of darkness over the cross at the crucifixion land across the years 1941 to 1944.

So we can lift that story from what is now past history and suggest that similar events land in world headlines every time those 3 hours replay. The best soon example to watch is at the 2000th anniversary.

The article linked above shows that week replaying from about 2028-10-10 through 2028-10-19. I consider the week to have started on the Friday before when he arrived in the Jerusalem area. So it is about a 9 day interval.

We know those days mostly by the name of the day of the week. But note, 7 days does not evenly divide into the number of days in 2000 years. So, when we take the 2000th anniversaries of any given day, we will not land on the same day of the week. So the 2028 replay will offset onto different days of the week.

In any case, that week is the heart of this season. It is the most likely week to have events like those in the heart of World War II.

Of course we will know more as we get closer. It might be a culmination of a war started earlier. Like a culmination of the wars running in Ukraine and Israel? We will see.

We do not need to know all these details now. It will become clear as we go.

Ministry Begins

Backing up from the ministry week, we have Joshua's ministry year. Each date in that time should also replay at their respective 2000th anniversaries.

That anniversary year lands ahead of Passion week. Baptism will land on 2027-08-12 and reading the Isaiah scroll on 2027-09-22.

There is an important detail about the day when Joshua read the Isaiah scroll in Nazareth. That crowd wanted to toss him off the cliff.

That story is an echo back to Adam and Eve. Those 2 were tossed off the cliff when they were sent out of the Garden of Eden. Note too that Eden is like the place where they were raised, just as Nazareth is where Joshua was raised.

That cliff detail is marking an echo back to Adam and Eve and Eden as a timeline echo. That day is the start of another timeline replay. So we can use that date to line everything up.

Joshua's ministry year was clocked at 30 years to the day. So the anniversary will run the same way. It begins on 2027-09-22. It runs at 30 historical years to the modern day. It will finish about a month ahead of the events of the Passion Week anniversaries.

The specific dates across that year are given in the table in that page. Note the pace. That year is busy, a prophetic date every week or so on average. The chart on that page is not even going into all the detailed dates that can be inferred from the history given in the text.

I think of the historical story dates used on that page as 'skeleton dates.' In Joshua's life they are all we have. But in his ministry, some of those dates become the basis for prophetic stories. The cliff at Nazareth is but the first.

Skeleton Dates

My contention is that the inspired stories from Joshua's public ministry are timed against replays of historical events. This according to the prophetic replay of history itself.

I do not yet know how to pick the inspired versions nor how to pin them to the dates that come directly from the timeline. So from this distance we should think of that year as currently under a storm cloud. By the time we get there hopefully this will be worked out.

The text needs to be recovered and the 3d models for the Tabernacles items need to be finished. Then this should come together better. We should then be able to put flesh on that skeleton with the NT stories for the dates in that year.

After Passion

After Passion week there were 40 days of mostly undated appearances with Joshua and his disciples. Those 40 days probably overlay some other chronology and might be filled in later. My hunch is those days follow the same schedule as the 40 years until Jerusalem fell. So those 40 days follow the hidden chronology of Acts.

But, looking at the tables on that page, you will then see the 7000th anniversaries of Noah replaying again in our day. Let me explain why.

2000 years ago, the 5000th anniversaries of Noah's flood hit in their day. Those flood related dates landed across the stories recorded for us early in Acts. So to the extent that the Acts stories very early in Acts have echos to Noah, they are precisely dated by those matches.

The mighty wind, and the flames of fire are examples (Acts 2:1-4). These are likely matching Noah. Different tongues? Probably Haarp weapons, based on frequency (Genesis 4:21).

So our Noah echos will either be like what happened in first century, or like what happened at Noah. Maybe something else. Different parts of the world could be going through different expressions of those stories. We would hope for an Acts style major revival, and not an earth ending war and flood (2 Peter 3:7).

After That

Just as the pace of the narrative in Acts drops off after the early stories, so too, will the pace of prophetic dates drop off into the early 2030s.

I believe the chronology of Acts can be worked out. But, it is NOT easy. I will take on that problem once many other problems are solved.

We generally understand the end of Acts to be at the 40 year mark when the Romans invaded and destroyed Jerusalem. This is based on the 70th anniversary of Joshua's own birth.

The page linked above gives the terminal date in 2068 for what will be a 70 year run from late 1998 when this all began.


The significance of Iran in this story is becoming clear. Note that we started with a wise man from the east in 1998. About like Nixon going to China. Both were probably eating forbidden fruit. They probably both fell off the cliff.

Iran is well known to be the party behind Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. They lost a bunch of leaders at the start of Covid, at or near the Covid prophetic date in 2020. (I suspect they were dusted, just like cruise ships and nursing homes. There were no excess deaths until 2021, after the vaccines were rolling out.)

I have previously written about how we might expect a similar Ezra like character who may show up about 2 years from now. He may arrive in Jerusalem from Iran, following Ezra's path.

As we look for other fulfillment headlines we need to pay careful attention to headlines from Iran.

Other Series

So this example of someone like Ezra returning to Jerusalem in 2026 is not coming from the anniversary dates. It is coming from simple timeline stories.

So the dates given on the page above may not be the only sources of text which explain events on the ground in the world.

Another source that seems to matter are the Exodus plagues. This one is even more complex.

Exodus Plagues

If you look at the list of dates on the page above you will see an echo of the Exodus from Egypt on 2024-09-25.

For the record, there were few if any Exodus related headlines when that part of the timeline replayed in the past. The Concorde crash near Paris was the most obvious headline at that time.

The Exodus Plagues also informed the 2008 financial crisis headlines. Those were on the 3500th anniversaries of the Exodus itself leading up to 2010. At the 2008 set I finally understood how the text works.

Plagues headlines are day-accurate. Each reference to a day in the text ends up as 30 calendar days on the ground. So they spread across about 3.5 years ahead of the Exodus proper.

Detailed date series within larger stories never compress through prophetic ratios. So those plague series dates should always be about 3.5 years in length. So if that 2024-09-25 date carries the entire set, then we are well into them, they should be going on now.

The one set of charts not yet working again on the Bible Time website deal with the Exodus Plagues. I am giving myself some time to check those before posting that report.

The plagues have seemed to be going on since Nord Stream. I have been dealing with them informally here in the blog. Now we know the likely concrete terminal date for that series.


Note also from those same charts that there is a prophetic date on 2024-07-04. We may see some 4th of July celebration under attack somewhere on that date. I would strongly suggest staying away from any iconic venue for that US holiday.

This is an example of the need to stay up doing what Joshua tells you to do.

Personal Prophetic

Pay attention to all personal prophetic stuff going on around you.

There has been a wave of these in the past couple weeks. Several subscribers here contacted me reporting on prophetic stuff. I have had several myself. This is going around.

If you are told by Joshua to do anything, be sure to do your best at following through with whatever you are told to do. The only way to deal with the war that is coming is to learn to trust in doing what Joshua tells you.

You learn to do this by answering when Joshua speaks to you. Then you must do whatever he tells you to do. This always starts with tasks of low consequence. This is how we learn to trust him. If you do this enough, you will trust him later when saving lives depends on your actions.

Build Status

I am turning my attention to getting other websites moved to the new build environment. Nothing should be as much work as bibletime.com, most of the major work there will transfer to the rest, especially bibletribes.org.

In particular I need ezekielsbones.org stable on this new build environment so I can start final test printing of actual deployed 3d model files.

Poetry Formatting Status

The remaining areas of the BRB that needed poetry formatting are now online.

There are differences between Hebrew and Aramaic when it comes to the poetic structures. The degree of these differences was not expected when we set out to add poetry formatting.

You might expect this just from the language differences between Aramaic and Hebrew. Instead it seems to expose real differences between those texts over what story was originally being told.

These 2 textual traditions were never kept perfectly in sync with each other. This will give some insight as to the editing hand as we grapple further with recovery.

Going forward the poetry formatting will see minor adjustments. This is the same as how all the other formatting gets adjusted as we learn more. From now on, going forward, those changes will be localized.

I want to publicly thank Ryan for putting in many tedious hours on this task.

More Later,