Dumitru Duduman, Part 3

This post continues to explore issues of interpretation of literal prophetic. Dumitru Duduman's group of prophetic words are our classroom. This time we pick up with Duduman's Los Angeles encounter. Read on for more.

The Video

In the previous blog posts I gave a link to a video where Duduman was recorded giving his testimony. If you missed those, here is the link to the video again.


Written Account

Duduman's grandson maintains a written list of all the prophetic material that Duduman generated before his death. I consider Michael's list to be the 'official copy' of Duduman's prophetic words. That Los Angeles encounter is online at Hand of Help and is called The Message for America. All the other prophetic material that would come later in Duduman's life is also linked from that page, if you want to explore his work more deeply.

Arrival in Los Angeles

If you watched the video above you saw in Duduman's testimony the progression in audible encounters. The first was given to Duduman on a ship, while he was doing his job, hunting for smuggled Bibles. At this point Duduman was having what for himself was his Damascus Road experience.

After that day Duduman would now help smuggle Bibles. He also picks up a special marker as a future prophet. Remember, by definition, real prophets are responsible for some aspect of either writing or transiting the text of scripture. All prophets in scripture do this. Duduman was now doing it too. What the church calls a prophetic gift does not make someone an actual prophet until they start handling the text.

Duduman also had a series of face to face encounters with a king while in custody in Romania. I believe those were real, but because of his physical condition, they could have been caused by the trauma he was undergoing. Those encounters show up in his biography, not on his list of prophetic words for good reason.

When he finally gets to Los Angeles we get to a situation where the trauma is from arriving in a foreign country. This can be very traumatic, too, but it is not of the same nature as what he had seen in Romania. He had arrived in July, and at the request of his wife tried to find a different place to live. By September they were both wondering if they had done something seriously wrong, life was not working.

In that despair, the king showed up and explained that Duduman had been called from Romania in order to explain to Americans that America would burn. Before we go any further, the question becomes why would someone from Romania be sent to give this message?

Why A Romanian?

The church world that Duduman knew in Romania was very, very different than church in the USA. In Duduman's experience church was underground, it operated under a communist dictatorship. It operated at the leading of the Holy Spirit, or it did not operate much at all. Duduman takes a jab at Stan in the video above for Stan's desire to formalize his ministry in the Prophecy Club. Duduman's Romania knew no such thing.

Notice in Duduman's biography that the Romanian government accepted that there were Christians, but they were persecuted in various ways. The example he gives is in employment in the military. You could imagine lots of variations on that theme that different people in Romania may have encountered.

When I first learned about Duduman's work many years ago, I did not put much emphasis on this part of his story. But obviously this is part of the witness that Duduman gave when he took the time as he did in the video above.

I never imagined in the late 1990s that we would be seeing a communist revolution, or something like a communist dictatorship, forming here. But across 2020 we saw the political establishment unwilling to put a stop to communist riots in various US cities. Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC being several that immediately come to mind.

Covid lockdown restrictions, for example, explicitly allowed Antifa riots as an exception. If you wanted to burn down a central business district, then you were good to go. There are interesting pictures of Pelosi, for example, kneeling in support of those same rioters. The trouble spans from city mayors to state governors to Congress itself. Their revolution is well underway.

You might take issue with me over the specific brand of totalitarianism that is unfolding here. In different decades and in different places the form always changes some. Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia were not that different functionally. It won't be that much different here.

Sodom and Gomorrah

Duduman was told that he was brought to America because the USA will burn. Duduman was called here, and having this encounter, because that was his message. Specific places identified that first night include California, Las Vegas, New York, and Florida. The king told Duduman that each of these places was like Sodom and Gomorrah, that they would burn.

The king does not stop to identify the problem of Sodom, ie what is the problem of these places. The king does not give scripture for this, either. But, do a word search on Sodom and you can find many interesting things, but my favorite is in Isaiah 13:46, Sodom was 'arrogant, overfed and unconcerned.' An amazing condemnation of much of American culture.

Let me stop here and give some personal testimony on the Sodom and Gomorrah stories. In early 1998 I had quit my (well paying) job and had moved to a cabin in the woods. I was setting out to watch prophetic headlines as they would pass in real time. The last season of intense headlines had ended 7 years earlier, and all I had done to that date was historical research. I had worked out the timeline math very early in 1998, so now I was looking forward.

The first significant headline I was looking for was a prophetic replay of Sodom and Gomorrah. Fire from the sky, someplace burned up. It could happen anywhere in the world and it had about a 2 week window where it would be expected. It is NOT dated to a historical year.

By the end of that window nothing had happened, the world, remarkably, was peaceful. Everywhere. Nothing happened. It was the most depressing week in my life. I had been offered 2 jobs during my exit interview, so I knew I could go back to corporate work, but it would not be very easy to unwind everything I'd done in order to watch headlines. So I decided to watch for another few weeks, why not.

Soon thereafter, the next predicted date came up on the charts. When then US President Bill Clinton traveled to Mount Moriah in Jerusalem he hit a perfect prophetic replay of Abraham's visit to the same mountain. My faith in my own work was restored. Clinton's replay of burning the ram was his bombing of Baghdad as he arrived back to Washington DC. He really did 'Wag the Dog.' So there was fire, amazing headlines, but no Sodom.

The Bible Time series of headlines was now running, but Sodom remained a strange anomaly. There was a time, especially after 9/11, that the Sodom stories appeared to sit on a mercy delay. The text does allow for that, but the math for that delay was never very clean.

It is also possible that there were a few righteous in whatever modern place is Sodom, the text allows for that too. But if that is the governing story then there are more problems. The dictionary definition of 'righteous' is the willingness to leave town, like Abram did from Ur. This is how righteousness was credited to Abram.

So the question of who remains in Sodom carries within it the issue of checking who will leave. Someone who refuses to leave is definitionally unrighteous. If you read the story of Sodom, note the agents of destruction take great care to rid the place of anyone like Lot who would leave. They are looking for the righteous.

Textual Problems

These days we have more reasons for that 1998 Sodom miss. These days we see problems with the inspiration of the story itself.

As written in standard Bibles the agents that destroy Sodom are breaking the commandment not to kill. The commandments regulated the actions of the various editors, and to get around the commandments they wrote in stories that provided them textual cover so they could break the commandments.

Some stories, like Noah, show an editor's hand. Instead of a people causing the flood, god is seen as the agent. This is the editor's normal pattern. In Noah's case the story can still be seen as inspired minus minor editing. Sodom is not so easy to see through.

So the headline miss in 1998 may simply be a problem of inspiration. It did not replay simply because it was never inspired.

So think of the Sodom story as packaging for Duduman. The king was giving direction on what listeners to this prophetic story should do. The king was not on the theological problems of the text. The advice is clear, flee these places that are going to burn. Sodom is the simplest story in a standard Bible to get this idea across.

Current Fulfillment

If you treat the Sodom story as a story of becoming righteous through departure, then California and New York are also interesting current fulfilments.

The flight of people and employers from California is so great that California is expected to loose a seat in Congress. Why are so many leaving? The state is not called Comifornia for no reason. It is no longer a productive place for many people to live. Communist political philosophy leads to economic ruin. Texas, at the other end of the political spectrum is a common destination for fleeing Californians.

New York is very similar. The outflow of people from there has been going on for years. I read an estimated 300,000 left NYC itself in 2020 because of harsh covid lockdowns. Some people are headed for the NYC suburbs, especially in the states around NYC. But, many people are going much farther away. Even the banking industry itself is fleeing New York, mostly for north east Florida. Now Florida is another location that Duduman called out. Bankers must not be too sensitive to prophetic warning.

Note how we are now 35+ years out from that evening in Los Angeles. Does prophetic work this way? Can a prophetic warning to a people span this much time? We need to look at some examples, but the short answer is yes, it always works this way.

John The Baptist

The time interval that Duduman's prophetic words are operating at is on the same time scale as John the Baptist. As John asked, 'who told you to flee from the coming wrath?' It was part of his prophetic message.

It was 40 years future from John until Jerusalem was destroyed. Though there were many chances for city leadership to avert disaster, in the end the only safe answer was to flee. The NT does not say this clearly, but the Sodom story does, which is why it would be cited by the king.

Now John's warning was for events across a 40 year future interval. It was not a short term warning. Think about the 40 years from leaving Egypt until crossing the Jordan. That interval too was predicted ahead, also 40 years, with 2 years credited.

Jeremiah warned for 23 years on Jerusalem's fall to the Babylonians and then he gave a 70 year prophetic interval dealing with restoration. So Jeremiah was concerned across an interval longer than 90 years.

Prophetic words like Duduman's are given long term. We don't escape them simply by the passage of time. Indeed, they usually seem impossible when first pronounced, but they get more certain as the years go by and as the political situation starts to conform to that given by the prophetic.

NT Flight

The response of the disciples, now apostles, in the decades after Joshua's ascension are insightful to what we are seeing now. They went to work on this problem across decades, and in various ways.

First by evangelizing the area, in ways similar to what had happened during Joshua's time. Their hope was for widespread repentance, which never happened. Of course Duduman was charged in a similar way, with similar hopes for change.

Later the disciples turned to getting as many people out of harm's way as possible. The editors hide this, turning the funds flows into famine relief instead of tickets for boat passage out of the region. Think about it, funds do not fix widespread famine.

The biggest step the Apostles took was when they moved their ministry headquarters to Antioch. This is normally interpreted as a result of persecution. Indeed there was persecution, but the problem was John's warning of wrath coming on the area. They had to get far away. Their answer was a large Roman city far north of Jerusalem, near the border between what is now Syria and Turkey. Even that was not enough. Antioch did not survive, and is now a dusty ruin. Paul would eventually arrive in Rome and that is where Christianity would take permanent root and survive for centuries.

See how the flow of the NT is constructed around the need to flee disaster that is coming? This is what the Duduman prophecies, and many like them, are built upon.

Fall of Babel

Duduman asked the king for passages in the Bible that would apply to the USA and defend what Duduman was being told. Duduman knew full well that he would need this if he was ever to receive live audiences in front of Church people. Duduman knew he needed some prophetic packaging.

Duduman was given 2 chapters Jeremiah 51 and Revelation 18. These become the backdrop to the rest of Duduman's call.

I remember when I was young how I read completely through the Bible again and again and again. After 19 times I stopped counting. On a couple of those passes I took notes on anything that might mark the USA. Both of these passages were on my short list because of the shipping distances and share of international trade held by the USA. In late 2020 we saw a huge surge in trans-pacific container transit costs because of port congestion on that huge trade route. The US economy depends on a huge flow of imports. With every such flow is a matched flow of money going the other direction. International trade is still a major marker for the USA in the text.

If you read those passages that Duduman was given you can see various symbols that act like identifiers that call out the modern USA. Ancient Babylon had long fallen when Revelation 18 was written, so these are not fulfilled in ancient history as some might suppose.

The Jeremiah 51 passage deals with many details, including a ground invasion, and destruction by fire. The Revelation 18 passage deals with material wealth and international trade. It also references a millstone into the sea, itself a parable for becoming trapped in an Egyptian system of slavery, it is a parable for the loss of Shechem and it is a reference to Noah late in the 2020s.

There is also a complete double meaning in these chapters, both national and textual meanings spring from the idea of the fall of Babel. If you read those passages again you can see they also apply to the edited text. This is what leads the world astray, the people following the religions built upon the Babylonian text.


So are these inspired chapters? To the king talking to Duduman it does not matter. These are the passages governing war in the USA as Duduman was told to announce. But, let us reason a little about that question.

It turns out the question of inspiration does not matter to the problem of interpretation. These are the stories that are governing what is currently going on. Ultimately the people in power are following religious traditions based on these texts. Those leaders are not Christian, of course. Christians don't go around blowing up the world. Other religions based on the same Babylonian texts do go around blowing stuff up. So we need to pay attention to what the texts say and what is going on in the world as these stories work out in headline news.

Imagine, for example, if those passages are not inspired. They will go away at the same time that Babel falls. This does NOT mean Babel will not fall. In fact it would only prove my point.

The modern organized Christian religion is just on the fringe of the systems implied by the text. This includes other religions, the secret religions, that you must usually be part of to serve in the US Congress. It includes the various flavors of the Jewish religions too, as well as other religions further afield.

All of these religious systems are getting earthly power from an interconnected set of things centered in the USA. Financial markets, currency, international trade, military, energy, communications, educational systems, scientific theology, media and more. It is still operating in great power, as Covid and the Steal both demonstrate.

These prophetic words, like Duduman delivered over 30 years ago, say it will come to an end. This is what Duduman was warning about. It does not matter to the problem if those chapters are inspired or not.


The final set of stories that Duduman was given in Los Angeles turn to events in Jerusalem. Everything going on now is a prelude to events in that city. Outside of our scope here, the problems of building a Temple there require a totalitarian takeover of the world. Duduman was explaining how events in the USA are precursors to events in Jerusalem. The texts cited by the king are also prophetic packaging. It is a far more complex story.

Some of the stories dealing with Jerusalem are readily dateable, landing as they do around 70 years after the recovery of the city of Jerusalem in 1967. Those stories are far enough future that we can return to them at some other time.

More Later,