Dr. Judy Woods

This post looks at the alternative history of 911. Important on the prophetic timeline and to our discussion about Mars. Here we look at the alternative history to events in NYC on 911 as told by Dr. Judy Woods.

Timeline for 911

The 911 date hit on a prophetic series of dates dealing mostly with headlines in the USA. The story for 911 is the high place sacrifice where Saul is made king. Because the descendants of Jacob had rejected Joshua as king, Joshua was rejecting them in kind.

What happens when anyone rejects Joshua as king? They bring on themselves tyranny, death, and destruction. So the text indicates the reason for 911 was general abandonment of Christianity in the USA. Not a perfect religion, but better than secular humanism as called out on the US $1 bill and across the national capital.

The 911 date was also interesting because it appeared to involve several mercy offsets from earlier stories. So, for example, Samson pushing over 2 columns, killing 3000 on the roof delayed by about 20 days to this 911 date. Current count of people memorialized at the 911 site is 2997. The difference is likely 3 unborn babies, uncounted by pharaoh.

Christian commentators at the time called out many Bible stories that were in play, but NEVER wanted to call out this obvious direct match of Samson's death to 911. Such a match would make those on the roof, general New York residents, and thus Americans at large, into Philistines, a truth that does not hold a church crowd.

America was being judged, and were no longer an exceptional people, if indeed they ever were.

Primary History

I realize anyone reading this under about age 35 will not understand the complexity of events that day. For the record, the TV version of events was that 2 planes struck 2 towers at the south end of Manhatten Island that morning. Pilots were said to be hijackers from Saudi Arabia. The buildings burned for several hours before falling to the ground. Buildings nearby also burned and fell to the ground even though they were not struck.

In response, the USA, unable to shoot straight, invaded Iraq. The US Congress also passed a series of laws, including the Patriot Act that began the process of bringing tyranny to the USA. This of course was a key prophetic fulfillment for events that date.

The story of 911 was strange to anyone watching in the months that followed. The government narrative was filled with contradictions and strange coincidences that bothered many people. Not since Kennedy's assassination had there been so much trouble in public narrative.

Most people in the public were unqualified to study the 911 problem closely. Supposed government experts were covering up everything. Much of the raw data buried, glowing, in the debree pile was quickly swept into barges in the Hudson River and shipped away. It reaked of an inside job.

Alternative History

One of the people those contradictions bothered was Dr. Judy Woods. As with many of us, she watched the event live on TV. Woods was an expert and instructor in many aspects of structural engineering, including controlled building demolition.

To Dr. Woods, the twin towers did not fall down correctly given the narrative that the buildings were brought down by airplane fueled fires. Most important to her, while watching live TV, was the loss of momentum in structural parts as they fell. This can only happen when a building is disassembling during the fall.

Being over 1360 feet tall, and falling apart like a banana unpeeling, debree should have spread way out. Instead debree fell mostly into the building's general footprint. Woods immediately set out to figure out what she had seen.

Woods collected a substantial amount of primary evidence. True scientists work this way. This included reviewing the written accounts of a considerable number of first responders. Most had been legally deposed, under oath, as this was considered a crime scene. These many eyewitness accounts told a very strange story.

This included, say, burn injuries on victims where their entire bodies were burned, but their business clothing, still on their bodies, was not touched. Papers were all over the area but almost no furniture was found. Both of these are signs of high energy microwave radiation, like you might know from cooking meat in a microwave oven. The meat, and metals, burn, the cloth and paper survives uncooked.

The earthquake signatures were not anywhere near strong enough to match the known weight and height distributions of those buildings. She compared 911 to the then recent Kingdome demolition in Seattle. That demolition had an earthquake signature that essentially matched textbook. The magnitude of any quake computes the equivalent amount of weight striking the ground. None of the 911 building collapses caused earthquake signatures that matched the textbook expectations, all 911 buildings saw far less weight at ground impact than when they were originally built.

Movement of earth's north magnetic pole was strange that day too. The pole location is well instrumented because of fear of a pole reversal. A university in Alaska monitors the North Pole's location continuously. That pole was pulled towards NYC across most of that day, starting when the planes struck the towers and continuing until building WTC 7 fell. It then returned to its previous position.

Finding these facts, and figuring out why this happened, lead to a book which she later published called "Where Did The Towers Go?" I have read it, and highly recommend it.

In that book she lays out a case for what actually happened. This is the best alternative history to 911 that I know. She also gives complete citations, and deals with more complex math and engineering issues than can be covered in a simple talk.

Evidence of Unknown Technology

In this 2012 talk Woods presents much of the material from her book. This is another long talk, 2 hours 24 minutes, so plan your time. She is not the best story teller. She probably spent time in hard science classes rather than speech communications. Bear with her, after a rough start she warms up and gets going strong. This is less technical than the book, use the book if you really want to know more, like calculations and citations.

The talk was recorded in 2 parts, over 2 days in 2 different rooms. You will see the split about mid way, when the podium shifts sides of the screen. At the end she uses the evidence she has presented to make a case that a weaponized version of Aether based effects were used to bring down the towers.

Things to Note

Transmitters are not covered in her talk, but the maps she gives of toasted cars are pointing in 3 directions out from the 911 towers. Those vectors are pointing at the transmitters, likely a good part of the way around the world from NYC.

This may explain details of Russia's 911 memorial which sits across the Hudson. The teardrop in that memorial represents tears? Or melting atoms? By this memorial, were they saying they knew what happend, and it wasn't them?

The Aether can sink energy, ie make the macro world colder, as well as source energy, as will be needed to make Mars warmer. The weapon used at 911 was sinking energy, doing something like igniting atoms on fire, and pushing the released energy into the Aether. A fire that can never be put out, to quote the Bible, though maybe not inspired text.

Woods references lab experiments where solid blocks of iron are melted like butter at room temps. Those experiments were first conducted with Tesla type coils, but later with a vandegraph generator. With video of those experiments, she had lab support for what she saw at 911.

Vandegraph generators produce the type of electricity you experience when petting a cat. She explains that all types must come together for these effects to be seen. Different transmitters were likely transmitting different types of waveforms which converged in lower Manhattan that day.

Woods also deals with how supression of these things work, using Cold Fusion as her reference. She shows off science by voting and science by press conference. These anti-science patterns always mark Deep State coverups, as happened for years after 911.

These same anti-science practices have also been going on for many months with Covid. You should learn to spot the pattern. These are not new tricks, based as they are on the psychology of crowds. They go back to the time of the New Testiment editors, if not all the way back to Cain.


I am working my way towards answering more questions on Mars, future and past. Woods' talk linked above is an important stopping point on that journey. She shows us what external effects are for a very small scale, building size, application.

You need to know this technology exists. It also existed in the time before Noah and was used in Noah's day too. The text appears to call it out, using very low tech vocabulary for a planetary application.

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