Over the past few days war seems to have broken out in Armenia. This adds a second front to the war against Russia. This blog reviews what we know so far. Also, update on projects.


The main prophetic date, perhaps in our era, is the Noah anniversary date at February 22, 2029. The Noah story involves a 7 day warning, but as a prophetic warning that would be 7 years for us.

We saw Russian movement to defend the Donbas in eastern Ukraine at February 24, 2022. The paleo calendar differences are a little wider than the Gregorian difference, but close enough.

Our hope at the time was this military event would fizzle out. That it would only be a timing marker, and not the start of a longer war.

Generally speaking the Russian side has made advances into Ukraine, hoping the west will seek a peace. Of course conquering Russia has been a western war goal for a long time. Western banker's need Russia's natural resources to fund their fiat system. So nobody in power in the west wants peace.

Evidence no one in power wants peace can be seen in the energy markets of Europe. Shut off from Russian supplies by western sanctions there does not appear to be enough fuel to keep Europeans warm this winter. Doesn't matter to those in power. They simply blame the Russians.

The world energy markets are driving up the retail cost of energy everywhere, and that will impact food prices next year as energy is a major contributor to food costs.

Ukraine Strikes Back

The Russians generally seemed to have the upper hand in this war until very recently. The Ukrainian side was able to push back against Russian territorial gains in Ukraine which seems to have changed Russian war strategy. So far Ukrainian infrastructure had been left whole. No more.

Lights Out

Russia escalated how it was waging war after those Ukrainian ground advances. The first thing to change was Russia started attacking key power stations, thus shutting off heating and electricity across many cities of Ukraine. They are now openly at war and not just conducting a special operation.

Russian officials are also now telling anyone who will listen that this will now lead to nuclear war. They have gamed it out, and know where this goes. When that happens the lights go out everywhere.

These are all signs of escalation in Ukraine, not what we would hope.


We are now almost 7 months into this war and things are getting worse. Headlines over the past few days indicate that Azerbaijan started shelling border points in Armenia. This has now caused Iran to mobilize on Armenia's side and Turkey to mobilize on Azerbaijan's side.

As Armenia has a defense treaty with Russia, this was likely a NATO request of Azerbaijan to open a second front against Russia. Azerbaijan is not likely to have acted alone. More and more nations are being drawn into the war.

This is also not what we would hope to see.

Armenian Genocide

Armenia was the location of the Armenian genocide in 1915 and 1916. Armenia was a mostly Christian region inside the Ottoman Empire. A huge number, maybe 1.5 million, where basically exterminated in death marches. This was one of the preludes to World War I. So this venue is important to a replay of earlier world wars.

Russia is promoting this war to its people as a war defending Christian faith. So they may be baited into Armenia on similar grounds to how they were baited into Ukraine, as the defenders of people of faith in eastern Ukraine.

Again, this not a good sign that things will calm down. Indeed, it is harder to think the world will even survive whole until 2029.


The article linked here makes a good point we do not live in a democracy any more. It is a shell of its former self. Anyone thinking otherwise is pretending.

Thus we see all sorts of strange domestic events in the USA. Again, not what we would hope to see. This is Noah's pre-flood crazy world.

Good News?

We are alive and well and able to continue with our work. So we carry on. That is good enough for now.


This week all our apps were updated. This fixes a font issue with the Lu letter.

3d model work for the new case continues. Still trouble with 3d printers. Replacement bearings for the older printers are ordered for them. Been working on how to print ABS plastic, which is not as easy as PLA. ABS is better at high temps, like in cars in the summer in Texas.

It is not clear to me that I fully understand the design issues and constraints on the mountain case. Until I work this out the letter list for Eve may still change. As Ryan reminded me recently, the prophetic word to me on manuscript recovery years ago was clear. The font must be fully worked out before the text will come. A second prophetic word said this would come during a time of war.


After working with the genome files for a few weeks I decided to catalog each design issue that would need to be decided if language was encoded into DNA. There are a bunch of them. In order to make solving this problem possible I needed to not assume anything, and treat them all as unknown.

Briefly, 2 different directions, 3 different reference frames, 6 different codon packings. 24 different ways of encoding TACG into binary bits. This is 864 different non-symmetric patterns that must be tested across the roughly 1,000,000,000 letters in the genome itself.

This before the paleo equivalent of the ASCII table. This itself must map down the 6 bit codon code to the 5 bit paleo letter code in some unclear pattern. This is where things get hard.

I wrote code to scan the genome on all possible combinations. I am trying to stay in Javascript, and needed a few tricks. Memory mapped I/O, to file systems in RAM, speeds things up. But that code cannot run on laptops, it needs to run on the desktop, where it will never get a thermal overload. So it got refactored out from the web project behind the big.paleo.in site. I will eventually update that site, but not for awhile.

I also have worked through what to look for. Turns out that lost languages are normally recovered through looking at the spellings of lists of proper names known with certainty in both languages. We got this prophetically as 'take a census' on our last long drive. We then found it written in Wikipedia as the historical strategy, first done in the 1700s by a guy from France recovering... Phoenician.

So we have picked a list of about 50 names, some with variant spellings, and look to find them in close proximity to each other in the text. This was also trouble, since counts of names do not work well with the real genome data. Sometimes, certain names, can occur many times and swamp out analysis. Coverage, like a real census name list, asking if someone is here or not, in close proximity, is what seems to work best.

The next problem is the Paleo equivalent of an ascii table. Ouch. I have hunched at 4 such tables so far. 2 based on alphabetic order 2 based on the Eve order from last week.

Using a list of names from Abraham's family forward, with only 4 such tables, a scan of the genome took 12 hours. Still nothing is showing up that is clearly not random.

If text is in the genome it uses an unusual encoding table. I have turned my attention back to the mountain case to understand what freedoms there are relative to the Eve letter order. This because using some known order would be good encoding design.

Will report back here should I find anything interesting.

Stay safe. The age we are in is slowly drawing to a close. Eventually everyone on earth will be severely impacted by the war currently brewing.

More Later,