Long time readers know we use various grids to find structure in the inspired text. Using the Beatitudes we can spot an editor's spelling change for one of the kings. This is an interesting find. Project status follows at the end.

Beatitudes (Matthew 5)

The Beatitudes are given in Matthew 5. The setting for the story is Joshua going up a mountain and talking to a crowd. He then gives a list of points each beginning with the word 'Blessed.' Most readers will take this list as a story unto itself, but he is running a folded list of the throne room's 25 walk off kings.

To follow along I will use those king names as headers here, and then paraphrase the matched Beatitude. I will only give names for the front half of the list. You can think about the 2nd half yourself.


'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for they will inherit the skies.' (Mat. 5:3)

Enoch was the first taken up to the skies. Everyone else that follows on this list was also taken up. They are the models for our own lives. Strive to be like them so you can be taken as well.


'Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.' (Mat. 5:4)

Noah lived through the destruction of worlds. He had more to mourn over than just about anyone else who has ever lived. We will see the same thing as World War 3 continues to unfold. Those who survive such things are comforted.


'Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the land.' (Mat. 5:5)

Abram left the civilized high-tech world of Ur. He went to the then frontier and lived in tents. Joshua asks many others to do the same because their cities, too, will be destroyed in fire. This is what it means to be meek. Abram lived to a ripe old age before inheriting land in Eden. (Heb. 11:10)


'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they will be satisfied.' (Mat. 5:6)

Isaac and his servants dug and found living water. Famine and thirst await our world too. It will take Joshua's help to get through the rough times ahead. (Gen. 26:19)


'Blessed are the merciful, for to them will be mercy.' (Mat. 5:7)

Jacob was merciful to Laban, enduring Laban's unfairness. About like enduring Klaus Schwab and his puppets in most western governments. Jacob was shown mercy when he came face to face with Esau. Esau is symbolic today of people from the east. They will be seen in western lands soon enough. (Gen. 33)


'Blessed are those who are pure in their heart, for they will see god.' (Mat. 5:8)

Joseph was the only son trusted by Jacob. He saw god in dreams and later saw god when he interpreted the prophetic dreams of others. These are important life skills which require a pure heart. These are skills that will be put to the test in the years ahead. (Gen. 37, Gen. 40)


'Blessed are those who make peace, for they will be called children of god. (Mat. 5:9)

Moses sought to make peace when he saw his people fighting. He fled to Reuel and learned the heritage of faith. Don't agree to any fighting going on in the world now. Flee, and eventually find the heritage outside of Egypt. (Exo. 2)

Joshua, son of nun

'Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness for theirs is the kingdom of the skies.' (Mat. 5:10)

Joshua was a spy, sent into the land, and he returned with a good report. Most of the other spies, and most of the other people persecuted him because he felt they could conquer the land with Joshua's help. He was nearly alone in his generation to eventually see that land. Have the same faith for the same challenges we face today. Many evil kings, with frightening armies, and cities to the skies, occupy the land now too. (Num. 14:6-10)


'Blessed are you when they disgrace you and persecute you and speak every kind of bad word falsely against you for my sake.' (Mat. 5:11)

The people around Samuel wanted someone to fight their battles. They did not want to take responsibility. They did not want any prophetic voice. Instead they got their king, who then forced them to fight the king's battles. This is far worse than fighting your battles yourself. (1 Sam. 8:7-9)


'You are the salt of the land, but if the salt should lose its savor with what could it be salted? It would not be worth anything but to be thrown outside and trampled by men.' (Mat. 5:13)

Gad was on the run with David, they did not loose their salt. But Saul did loose his, and was trampled on by the Philistines. (1 Sam. 31:4) Gad and young David are examples to our day, when the grave rules the land. Do not worry about staying in fancy houses in cities. Go where Joshua leads you.


Jonathan has more text than any other prophet in this list. We know him as the prophet Nathan. Joshua is providing editorial on a spelling change made by the editors to this prophet's name. The TT is being updated to reflect this.

'Truly I say to you not 1 Yo nor Tag will pass from the law until all of it will be. Anyone who weaken these commandments will be little in the kingdom. Those who teach them will be great in the kingdom. Unless your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and pharisees you will not enter the kingdom of the skies.'

Saul's son Jonathan is the prophet Nathan. The scribes and pharisees dropped that first Yo letter so readers do not see how the former king's son gave up his right to become king. Instead of inheriting his father's throne, Jonathan became little in that kingdom, just a prophet. Yet he received his reward in the skies. Those who carry the edited text cannot do the same. It is a severe problem we all face.


'Whomever hears these words of mine and does them is like a house built on a rock.' (Mat. 7:24)

The rock, of course, are the carved stones of Ebal and Gerezim. They carried the inspired text. Ahijah was used by Joshua to tell Jeroboam this point. But, Jeroboam refused. Jeroboam, in the days of Ahijah, rebuilt Shechem and destroyed those stones. The nation had no anchor. The flood came when the Assyrians invaded. A similar Assyrian flood is coming our way. Will we have the rock to anchor us? We will see.


The remaining list of walk off kings fold back, against the list above. Amos, Elijah, Micah, Elisha, Jonah, Isaiah, Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Job and Haggai complete the set. Joshua, of course is first and last in this list. You can fold these names back against this previous list and see if you can riddle them out too.

TT News (

The various scripture apps have been getting attention in various lists that map to the kings. This blog is an example taken from new A medallions found in Matthew 5. In this case a folded list of 12.

Another list of note is the stories of Jacob blessing his sons. This is found near the end of the Book of Joseph. This list was almost certainly reordered by editors. The TT has it put back into Revelation 7 order. In this order there is another list of 12 that becomes more readily apparent.

There is also meaning in this order that is missing in stock Bibles. Simeon and Levi loose some rank. Jacob's comments about not listening to their council means don't listen to French (Simeon) and Swiss (Levi) theories on Socialism, Communism, nor Banking. If you do, you will loose your inheritance too.

In the Revelation 7 order Judah comes to the front, listed ahead of his brothers for a reason. The obedience of the nations is his. Remember, in the Bible Tribes study, Judah became Russia. This bears on thinking about possible outcomes for the current war in Europe. Russia generally does not loose. This blessing of Jacob over Judah may be why.

BIG New (

BIG has had a bunch of code updates to make it easy to run various tests against the genome. The problem was getting Javascript to run fast enough to make this practical without the need to change programming languages, say to the C language. Memory mapped IO, use of multiple processes and avoiding all string handling seriously sped up the batch jobs needed to do this work.

BIG also gained more audit reports. They count and catalog data from the genome. I am eventually looking for areas that behave like text, more on that point coming soon.

These reports have uncovered more work needed in the 3D models. In particular the Joseph and Sower cases are not in their inspired forms. Apparently the inspired form is a single 'mountain' that captures the decision tree from a high start object, a sort of star, down through the various 2D and 3D model shapes with letters spread around the bottom. Perhaps this mountain is mentioned prophetically in Zechariah. It might also be hinted at in Daniel.

That currently unexpressed decision tree seems to matter to the rest of the genome work in BIG. I will continue to work the 3D side until ready to go back into BIG, maybe in another week.

More Later,