Chinese Invasion of the USA

Since at least the late 1990s prophetic people within the United States have been warned of a future ground invasion of the United States from the west by Chinese military troops. This article provides a current summary of the general prophetic and notes on future US boundaries. The purpose of this article is to provide frame of reference for other people who are experiencing prophetic warnings. Use with caution, it is by no means complete.

Last Updated June 3, 2022.

Various Dreams

In the late 1990s and very early 2000s there were widespread prophetic dreams of small nuclear explosions and/or Chinese troop invasion along the west coast of the USA. Typically these dreams involved seeing small nuclear explosions going off in very specific locations. They also involved seeing uniformed Chinese troops moving around in various locations.

Many of those dreams were particularly precise. One such dream, for example, was a delivery truck driver who knew the Portland, Oregon, region nearly to a street. His nuclear explosion dream was so precise he knew the street itself where he was when he witnessed the explosion. Once he visited that actual location later, he could identify exactly where the explosion took place in the dream.

Another example was a young man who commuted to college in Portland by driving down the Columbia River gorge. His waking dream was so precise he was afraid to drive the gorge to school that day, and had to calm down before he realized it was not going to happen exactly then.

A typical Chinese troop invasion dream of the time might involve seeing troops coming up someone's personal driveway. Or a dream of seeing a Chinese army convoy on a major road or interstate.

Collected Reports

There was a Full Gospel Businesses Men's luncheon in Portland Oregon which eventually hosted 2 different guest speakers who had cataloged a bunch of these dreams.

The speaker's names, and dates, are now lost. They did not seem serious. Typical Christian theology of the people involved was to go pray these things not happen. So only intercessors took these dreams seriously and the rest simply treated these reports as end-times entertainment.

One of the guest speakers had cataloged the nuclear explosion dreams. He did some field work and decided there were 2 different sized nukes involved. The smaller of the nukes had a blast radius of about 25 miles. The other had a blast radius of about 50 miles. By this he meant that for property like houses to safely survive these blasts they needed to be outside these distances from the center of detonation.

Note these are much smaller than we typically understand from American or Russian ICBM descriptions. Single ICBMs with multiple large warheads can take out much of a continent. These dreams were consistently of a much smaller class of weapon. His conclusion was that cities like Bend, Oregon, would suffer an attack of the smaller size, while cities like Portland, Oregon, would suffer an attack of the larger size.

It was obvious to anyone paying attention in Church circles of the time that there were many more such reports, and of much smaller scale weapons. Even perhaps to only a few miles across in terms of damage zone.

The other Full Gospel Business Men's guest speaker had collected Chinese army invasion dream reports. His summary of the dream reports was that the Chinese would land on the US West coast in 2 different locations. One of those was in the greater Los Angeles basin of Southern California. The other would land on the Oregon coast, just south of the mouth of the Columbia River.

He also believed from cataloging of prophetic dreams that these 2 invading armies would work their way eventually to Salt Lake City in Utah. These would be along the I-15 corridor moving north and along the I-84 corridor moving east.

The Mississippi

We had long forgotten those dreams on the west coast when we were traveling I-40 a few years ago. We crossed the Mississippi River at Memphis. Once west of the river we were told this place, eastern Arkansas, would be invaded. Ultimately we understood by a Chinese ground invasion force. The same army as seen in dreams about 20 years before.

This was a shock to us, because all the information we had previously learned about a west coast invasion never extended this far east. Everyone, around the year 2000, had assumed the problem prayed off, and even if not, that it was contained west of the Rocky Mountains.

The Mississippi river was much, much farther east.

We made 3 trips across the continent at I-40, and were told essentially the same points each time. That West Memphis, Arkansas, would fall, and that Memphis, Tennessee, itself, would hold. The Mississippi River at Memphis would be the future western boundary of the USA.

In the spring of 2022, we decided to head out on a prayer drive and see if we could map out the edges of this future Chinese ground invasion. In particular was the upper Mississippi area. This because the Mississippi itself does not reach Canada. What follows are our observations from 2+ weeks of driving.

Note that 3 general prophetic ideas were given us repeatedly at various locations. First are areas of 'first strike' attacks. These are located near military first strike targets. These seem to have military significance.

Second were hand-to-hand combat areas. These areas will see the Chinese army remove all Americans with the intent of resettling Chinese from mainland China in these places. The third idea used in this prayer drive was places of faith. These areas will not be overrun because the area exhibits faith in Joshua.

We had expected the future boundary to break from the Mississippi at some point. No surprise. We had expected it to break east, perhaps towards lake Michigan. We were surprised by the answer.

Missouri River

North of Memphis the future boundary will break from the Mississippi and follow the Missouri River. We have checked this on the ground as far as Omaha, Nebraska, and Council Bluffs, Iowa. Once the Missouri reaches the Dakotas we do not know where the boundary will fall.

Years ago we met prophetic intercessors in norther Minnesota and they were aware of a change in the future international boundary to their west. This would presumably match an invasion from the west by the Chinese. We do not yet have our own witness as to where this boundary will cut up to Canada.

The Missouri and southern Mississippi appear to be defensible barriers. But our understanding is that faith in Joshua is what determines where this line will fall.

This also means that Iowa is safe, Minnesota should be mostly safe. Parts of the state of Missouri north of the Missouri river are also safe.

On a previous trip through Branson, Missouri, we were told that area will be taken by the Chinese who themselves will place high interest in a dam and generating station near Branson.

Puget Sound

Conceptually, the Puget Sound area was never part of the 2000 era prophetic reports on Chinese invasion. Some at the time thought it would stay whole because it was so far north of the Columbia River.

This logic has conceptual problems because far northern cities get most of their food from California. Any ground invasion in California would mostly starve out northern cities, like Seattle or Spokane.

Over the 20+ years since those early invasion dreams our skill and confidence is much better. We asked about Seattle in prayer and were told that there will be nothing left. The city will be unrecognizable.

We don't know exactly why this is so. This is the most extreme damage we have been told about. The Bremerton ship yards and Bangor submarine base might be ICBM grade targets, but we don't know for sure.

Local prophetic in Seattle in decades past has described a massive Tsunami, landing Puget sound ferries in the mud and lifting Puget sound waters up Seattle's downtown towers. Some known large weapons are able to do this sort of damage.

Salt Lake City

There are supposed old Mormon prophecies about a Chinese invasion that gets stopped at Salt Lake City. We were told expressly that the Chinese will not be stopped when they get to the city.

Under Mormonism there is no faith in Joshua at all, and so no protection. Those who understand the Mormon religion may be able to explain this detail better.

Las Vegas

This city has grown considerably over the past 40 years. Nearly the entire region is less than 40 years old. The city recycles most of its' domestic water to and from the lake behind Hoover Dam. But, since 2011 there has not been a normal snow pack on the western slopes of the Colorado Rockies, the headwaters of the Colorado River that feed the area.

This extended drought impacts places far from Vegas, including parts of Phoenix.

This drought is mercy, and is a way to force people to leave the region before Chinese invasion. When they do arrive they will kill everyone in the region, portrayed to us as a crucifixion of the city.

The city itself serves gods of 'Gold and Silver' and not Joshua. So there is no faith to be saved.

Las Vegas sits as a way point along I-15 moving north from southern California. There are no serious natural obstructions along this corridor, neither south to Los Angeles, north to Salt Lake City, nor east along I-70 to Denver.

Los Angeles

We looped south into the Los Angeles area. Specifically stopping at Hawthorne which is south of the Los Angeles airport. There was nothing new to add in 2022 over what we'd previously been shown on this region.

The main industry is media, one of the United State's largest exports. 'By your words you will be judged' was the first prophetic word we were ever given for this area.


Prophetic intercessors have long warned of a nuclear attack directed at locations along the front range. We attended a random church service up in the Colorado mountains on a visit. There was a guest who had driven from Wisconsin to tell those in attendance their town would be a refuge from people fleeing a nuclear strike along the front range. The prophetic words that day suggested they needed to prepare.

Our understanding of the timeline suggests that nuclear strikes against military targets will precede ground invasion by some time, maybe a year or more. Though immediately after these strikes, refugees may flee to the mountains, everyone will need to flee some time later for the east.

In this 2022 journey we were told Colorado Springs is destroyed by fire, presumably a nuclear strike against military targets there.

We were also told Denver would be invaded and taken out by the hand of Chinese army invaders.

Note there are no significant natural blocks to an army following I-15 and then I-70 all the way to Denver. If the tunnels are blown, there are many older roads which would suffice for an army to cross the continental divide.


We have previously been told everyone in rural Nebraska will be hauled away. This time areas near Omaha will be nuclear targets. Omaha itself will be overrun by Chinese.


We have now been expressly told that Tulsa will be overrun by Chinese. Oklahoma City will be overrun. The oil wealth of Oklahoma will be carried away.

Refugees from Oklahoma will flee south into Texas and will be safe


We had wondered a bunch about Texas. Earlier prophetic to us was unclear, but suggested Texas would be different. Now that we understood the rest of the west better, we were able to understand Texas.

We had previously crossed westward on I-20 into Texas months before and there was a hint that Texas would be different than other places in the western USA.

To understand this better we took 3 days in 2022, and drove to the 3 main cities of Texas and asked what would happen in each of these places.

Forth Worth and Dallas, will survive. Beware, though, of first strike targets. This is true everywhere in the USA, by the way.

Houston will survive and grow considerably with refugees. This is already one of the largest cities in the USA, and it will get much bigger.

San Antonio is also safe.

In no place in any of these large metro areas was there any hint of Chinese ground forces, very much different than other parts of the western USA.

We suspect Texas may be isolated from the rest of the USA because of loss of territory west of the Mississippi at the gulf coast. This will require further prophetic insight.

We also do not expect the current state lines on the west of Texas to be the exact future boundary, but this will also require future prophetic understanding.

We do expect the river between Oklahoma and Texas to remain part of a future northern boundary.

There were also considerable details about political divisions. This may be either internal to Texas as they figure out how to deal with Chinese, or it may be with whatever is left of the US Federal government.

The state may placate Chinese by seceding from the USA. If so, only for a season. Specific details on this were hard to pin down because we don't understand the full political situation in the USA when this invasion happens. The US federal government is as likely to keep killing its own citizens as it is to defend them from the Chinese. This is an issue to understand as it happens.

The new Tesla Factory in Austin is a prophetic version of Noah's ark. Though it will not float, being at the ark is a marker of surviving this flood of soldiers. As Austin is within the triangle formed by the other cities we also expect it to be safe.

Misc. Questions

On Prepping many people in the west are aware of risks and keep long term stored food in case of war. Mormons do this as a matter of their religion, others do this through conviction.

The purpose of this is to buy time after crisis in order to rebuild. The normal scenario is something like a nuclear war where most infrastructure is destroyed. Prepping makes sense for this scenario. It makes less sense when it is American creditors who are sending their army to take back what is now theirs because of national default.

This scenario, from the Chinese perspective, has little use of nuclear weapons. Published war plans indicate their purpose is to move 300,000,000 Chinese people to North America in order to reduce stress on the land of mainland China. Nuclear weapons work against this goal. They don't want to burn down the house, but occupy it and use it.

They can raise an army as large as the 'sand on the sea shore.' The best answer for this scenario is flee first to places of faith, then prep.

On Large Land Holdings by people like Bill Gates. They are driving people of faith away from the land. This is the story of Pharaoh, and Gates is like a member of Pharaoh's court. By driving away people of faith the land has no one to call to Joshua in faith.

These large land holders may be in on this invasion, but the Chinese are not likely to respect anyone of Gates' caliber. Someone not loyal to the American people will not be loyal to the Chinese either, and will have no respect before their army.

On parallels to Egypt in the text against the USA. The place name Missouri in English is a transliteration of the ancient place name, Mizraim. So the 1803 exploration of the west up the Missouri River is like going down to Egypt. Crossing that same river east is like leaving Egypt now. There are some good parallels between these stories.