I've been in a prophetic season dealing with issues of the alphabet. This blog reviews and explains some of the implications.


We first learned the alphabet by taking a Hebrew class. In that class we learned about Paleo Hebrew and how the letters had meaning. Prophetic insight came later. Initially in a 3 week season in September of 2009. In that season I was shown how the 3d system works behind what the world knows as the Phoenician Alphabet. Religious people have a different name and call it Paleo Hebrew.

Once we understood the alphabet a little, we were able to understand passages where the author was doing things in the story line that required knowledge of the alphabet itself. This is usually lost to English readers but is obvious in Hebrew or Aramaic.

Bears and 42 Youth (2 Kings 2:13)

For my first example, consider a story near the bottom of 2 Kings 2. In the story a group of youth mock the prophet over his bald head. In a story of reaping what you sow, 42 of the youth are mauled by bears.

Lost to the English reader, but evident to someone not using a translation, the word bear, Du-Ba, pronounced like dube, is also the letters for the number 42. The 4th letter is Du, and the 2nd letter Ba.

This is an example of how the story line is using knowledge of the alphabet. The reader cannot get the full meaning, that they reaped a bear by sowing as a group.

This particular example is perhaps the simplest. It works in any alphabet based on Phoenician, this includes Hebrew and Aramaic. We currently mark this as uninspired. Even an uninspired writer could have used this trick available in any Phoenician derived alphabet.

Deborah and Barak (Judges 4:9)

A more complex example is the story of Deborah and Barak. In this story Deborah goes along to battle with Barak. But, she warns him that because he wanted her help the victory would go to a woman.

You can read the story at the link given here, but in the end Sisera is defeated when Jael, the wife of Heber, lures Sisera into her tent and then kills him with a tent peg through the temple.

This obviously shows how Deborah's story fulfilled as she said. But, there is more. The spelling of Deborah varies slightly between Aramaic and Hebrew, but the shared root is Du-Ba-Ve-Re. (Aramaic ends with Wa and Hebrew with Fe.)

Here we find another example of alphabet based meaning. The Du is a purse, normally closed. One of the meanings of the letter is to open in order to find out what is inside. Ba is a tent. Ve is a tent peg. Finally, Re is a head.

So the story is built on the spelling of Deborah's name. Open the tent (to see what is within) and a Peg will be through the Head of Sisera. This is how the victory will come to a woman.

This requires more than just the letter shapes in order to construct the story. It requires knowledge of each letter. We must know what those letters represent. Then we can draw meaning.

What woman gets the honor in this story? Jael, the wife of Heber? Or Deborah, who's name spells out the final plot of the story? Without knowing the alphabet, Jael. By knowing the alphabet, Deborah.

It is not possible to fully understand the written text without knowing the alphabet. Without that knowledge we make mistakes in reading it. There are many more examples at this level, but there is more, much more.

Recent Work

That first prophetic alphabet episode in 2009 went for about 3 weeks. Every morning, either when I was waking up, or in the shower soon after, there was daily prophetic direction that I needed to find the original set of shapes.

At various seasons in the years that followed there were more sets of shapes that came in similar waves. I know from the design of the letters themselves that the 3d system begins and ends with infinitely repeating shapes, so there are no new shapes left to discover.

The idea that the entire set of shapes sits in a broken symmetry has been comforting that this work is done. I have not been looking for any more shapes. But, not so fast.

I am in another similar prophetic season. The focus now is on the systems around the letters. How to explain how they work and interconnect. I've made several discoveries in this season, and they explain many more textual stories.


I always use 3d printed plastic for the models. In ancient times, and in any low tech future, the only reasonable materials for a 'tent-of-time' or what we would call a museum, are the various metals. These metals come in order as actually mined, from the top of a mountain down.

I learned this reading the history of the copper kings of Butte, Montana. Prospectors found gold nuggets in streams. They followed those back to the deposit atop a mountain. Digging down, for gold, they found silver instead. Once the silver mines petered out, they found the largest deposit of copper ore yet discovered. All natural deposits follow this stack with different amounts of each ore at various depths.

So the metals, in order are gold, silver, copper then dark green bronze. Each of these is available to a modeler in raw and polished forms.

Then we also have glass, in clear, light blue and dark blue shades. No other materials should be needed for the complete set of models needed to teach the alphabet.

Glass is new to my list. I have used clear plastic in some situations in the models, and it is needed. But was glass an ancient material? Especially pure, clear glass?

I visited the Isaiah scroll exhibit in Jerusalem on a business trip to Israel many years ago. They pointed out that 1 of the dead sea scroll discovery caves contained glass work as fine as any you could buy at a modern department store. They had a glass serving tray, with small cups formed in the tray, like for serving olives and humus, on display from one of those caves. Clear, perfect, glass is an ancient material as available as the metals.

So the models behind the letters themselves break into various metals. Gold for the objects that form the silo and well. Silver for the vowel shapes and the 3d models that form the sower and reaper. Copper for the standard letters and the 3d shapes that define those letters. Bronze for the final 3d set, the living plants that grow along a river. The bronze set are the final 3d shapes, they infinitely repeat themselves, as would be expected for models of plants.

I have not made this materials based distinction before. I will be reprinting everything and organizing the models to follow these metals correctly. Knowing these alphabet models completely drives any reader of the text because the authors knew very well these shapes.

Jacob Blesses Sons (Genesis 49)

In Genesis 49, the text describes how Jacob blessed his sons. We have looked at this story for years. The main question is simple, why did Jacob choose this particular order to bless his sons? Is he defining a new order? Or is he using some order hidden to us as readers?

We know this is not the birth order, which had been given earlier. So he is not doing this by age. He is not in reversed birth order, either. He is not doing it grouped by mothers, he did have 4 wives.

The order used by Jacob is not in the Revelation order for the sons either. So Jacob is not using that order. We generally use the Revelation order for months of the year.

We have tried to use the folded alphabet order to explain this order, what I would now call the silver models. The silver set is found by folding the alphabet on itself, so to the extent that the alphabet has sequence, then there is sequence in silver too. This is an order that is potentially visible to someone writing as an editor later.

When we study those blessings using the folded alphabet, or silver, set, the results are still not great. This fails because the meaning of the individual letter pairs brought to each blessing do not match up very well.

What we once called the river case letter set, now the bronze set, is yet another possibility. This set pairs letters based on the shared 3rd sides of the items that define the letters. These objects then form a definite sequence following the growth cycle of a plant. No other 3d shape set has a time sequence built into their design.

This bronze series and set of paired letters is impossible to guess without full and perfect knowledge of the design of the alphabet itself.

We went back and looked at this list of Jacob's blessing using this bronze set of letter pairs and sequence. This is what Jacob is using to bless his sons. I will return to the details in a future post.

I should note that the recent blog on the plagues used the silver set, and we have rechecked that list too, and it uses the bronze set, not the silver set. Bronze sequence and letters are defined by plants along a river, and the plagues begin at the river. That tells a reader what series in the alphabet defines the stories. I will post a correction to my plagues blog in a future blog post.

The examples I have given above are all based on knowing the SHAPES of the letters. The 3d shapes explain how the letters fold to each other. Those shapes explain what they mean. Those shapes explain how they sequence.

There is still more.


Soon after discovery of the first round of 3d letter shapes we started using Disneyland in Anaheim, California, as a surrogate for visiting the Temple in ancient Jerusalem for the holidays.

We went there each holiday. It was a long series of trips with many important lessons on a wide variety of subjects. We were glad, for example, that we were stuck in LA traffic instead of ancient Jerusalem traffic. In our modern form we were not following the rear end of someone else's donkey.

The discipline of holiday keeping became very important to us. The use of the holidays as a time to get away with Joshua became very important to us.

Then there were lessons in the park itself. We now consider Walt Disney to have been some sort of modern (or Industrial) prophet. He was captured by a vision born out in early Disneyland concept art for the design of the place. Core ideas include a central hub with various lands spread out radially from there. His early vision also included main street lined with shops.

Attractions and rides are all heavily themed, and many were based around Disney movies, each with deep story lines.

As we were visiting there regularly, we were also growing our understanding of the alphabet. One particular arrangement of letters is formed by a couple fundamental design constraints.

Is there a way to evenly arrange the letters besides a straight line? Only 5x5 is possible as these are the only prime factors of 25.

Within a 5x5 grid, is there a way to keep the letters adjacent to each other while keeping them in alphabetic order? Only a couple ways work, spiral in or out, and then only with limited symmetrically identical starting points.

The result of that riddle is a pattern we call the Qu map. The arrangement follows the 2d shape of the letter Qu. That letter is a brain. It deals in part with questions of where are you? All creatures with brains use their brains to find food. Bigger brains allow other things, but the base use of a brain is location and locomotion.

We also found that Disneyland's main rides and interior 'castle' rides each follow the Qu map pattern. This pattern was part of Walt's original vision for the place. He built rides that followed the meanings of letters of a Qu Map. His heirs only recently finished the map with the Yo going in as the Star Wars area in the northwest corner of the park.

The Qu Map, as used by Walt in his vision for the park, is inspired. It is used for the design of the USA. It is used for the emerging design of earth itself. It is used in smaller forms in many places. Cities like Seattle seem to have been built, without anyone's specific intent, following this same design. We have not looked everywhere, but we expect it to be found everywhere.


Plan of a City (Ezekiel 40:2)

The Qu map is called out in Ezekiel as a plan of a city, seen from atop a high mountain. Note he is not seeing a city, but a plan for a city. A plan that can be used again and again when needed. His perch atop a mountain means look down on it from above, like a map.

There is a nearby mountain in the alphabet models, but that is a story for another day.

Several weeks ago I woke with a dream and I was being shown the starting points for a 3d case, really a diorama, to show off the intricate details of the Qu map. Over the past several weeks there have been many revisions, corrected or expanded every morning.

In the end it is a vineyard, with trees. The letter of the 5x5 grid encircle and become fruit on a tree. The tree's trunk and main limbs are formed by the 3d version of the 2d Qu letter.

In other words, the Qu map is a 2d map that is a projection of a 3d map. Just like the 2d Qu letter is a projection of a 3d Qu object.

Fruit bearing trees are the 3d object behind the 2d Qu map. Using this idea we can now understand many more stories in the text which are simply based on knowing the alphabet well.

Fig Tree Cursed (Matthew 21:19)

Once you know from your alphabet studies that the fruit bearing top of a tree is a 3d version of the 2d alphabet Qu Map, then references to trees, especially fig trees, carries with them implicit meaning from the alphabet.

The first story to think about is Joshua cursing a fig tree on his way into Jerusalem during Passion Week.

The fruit on the tree normally represents the nodes on the 5x5 grid of the Qu map. The major cities of the USA would be an example of such a grid in our modern world.

So the tree in Joshua's day represents the major cities in the region in his day. When he finds no fruit on the fig tree he is declaring that there is no fruit in any of the cities in that region in his day. His travels recorded earlier are likely travels to regional Qu map cities.

His curse of the tree means he is cursing the region. He will no longer be operating that region as his orchard. This was culminated in the 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem.

Who's Vineyard?

The mystery of the Qu map is that places like the USA, or even all of planet earth, are built following this pattern.

Who built these places such that they are following the pattern?

Walt did not know the pattern himself. All he had was a vision that he could not let go of. He built what he could. But the Disneyland Qu map was incomplete when he died. For almost 50 years after Walt's death, others have finished it out. Even the latest big Star Wars addition to Disneyland is following the pattern.

Let me ask again. Who is doing this?

Who built the USA? Or, who is building the world?

Only Joshua is doing this. These are all examples of his vineyards.

The Qu map marks his design pattern. It shows where he has organized an otherwise uncultivated place so it can produce fruit for him. It is an on-the-ground 2d reflection of the 3d interior of Eden.

This is why Qu maps seem to emerge out of nothing.

As the story of the cursed fig tree teaches, he can also stop using a place and let it return to fallow ground. He can also prune his vineyards should he wish. It is all his sovereign choice.

I will return to some of these points in future blogs.

More Later,