We have been following a series of dates driven by the story of Noah's Flood. May 30, 2020, was the next date in the series when widespread George Floyd riots broke out. This post explores.

Prophetic Series

We have been tracking a series of headline watch dates. They are calculated by overlaying the dates of Noah's flood onto this year's calendar.

We are using a 'prophetic read' where all counts of anything, including days, advance the clock by that same number but always counted as days.

Previously on this series we've seen both the US House and US Senate take up the issue of Trump impeachment. We've also seen the WHO declare Covid 19 a pandemic and we saw the day when Oil closed at a negative price per barrel.

The next date in the series was another 40 days out, and it landed on Saturday, May 30, 2020. The story is simple, watch for "nights, the flood lasted."

George Floyd

The primary fulfillment is the widespread riots following the apparent death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis cop. Protests began the following day in Minneapolis, on May 26. The placards read "I can't Breath." Playing, of course, to the Floyd death video and to the story of Noah, death by suffocation.

Protests became riots and became quite widespread by the following Saturday, May 30, 2020, exactly on the date we were watching.

Here is the link to the Drudge Report archive page for Sunday morning, May 31, 2020, so you can get a feel for the severity and distribution of riots the evening before.

In particular, LA, Seattle, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Salk Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, NYC, DC, Philly, Miami, Vegas, Cleveland, Denver, Des Moines, Dallas, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Columbia, Wilmington, Portland, Phoenix, Tampa, San Fran and many more saw violent riots as peaceful demonstrators were displaced by paid thugs.

I watched some live TV feed out of Seattle and a black woman protester made it clear that someone else had arrived to make it a violent mess. It was also quite clear she had no idea the protest was a sitting duck for young, often white, agent provocateurs. (Citizens of Coeur d'Alene understood better and were better prepared.)

There is a now a Wikipedia article listing over 100 cities, many in Europe and across the rest of the world which have also seen protests. They stress the places where protests remained peaceful, because it was peaceful in some places. The bias in their writers to hide the violent and usurped nature of these headlines shines through.

Honorable Mentions

Other headlines for the same date, worthy of honorable mention, include the SpaceX launch of Crew Dragon Demo-2. This is the first time since 2011 that the US has been able to get passengers into space on American equipment. This is also the first time ever a private company has launched men to space. The 9 year lapse in launch coverage had been considered by many a national embarrassment. This had been scheduled for May 27, but was delayed 3 days because of weather to the exact prophetic date of May 30, 2020.

Remember, Noah is changing worlds, in history most likely arriving from Mars. My strong reasons for this are beyond our scope here. Perhaps SpaceX will provide the equipment for a return. The original Demo-2 schedule had been announced 40 days earlier, playing to the 40 day cycles in this time line so far.

Finally, another honorable mention. One day before this prophetic date, Trump announced the US would no longer fund the World Health Organization. This links us back to the earlier watch date in this series where the WHO declared the Covid Pandemic. (Maybe I can read Trump's mind, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.)


I read the headline this way: The invisible hand that created this mess realized the public is abandoning Covid and going back to work, so they needed a new crisis. Triggering race relations problems is always good for some mayhem, and is easy to do, so the switch was thrown on May 30 for a new way to terrorize the public. Like a strange disease of 80 days earlier, both crisis' have the quality of a righteous heart but where tyranny can reign.

The prophetic story is simply '40 nights' and we can expect 40 nights of mayhem as this continues to play out. Expect another switch to be thrown in July when these next 40 days are over.

The prophetic word Ryan and I have been getting repeatedly is to stop believing anything we see in the news except the most basic stuff, like video of lots of people burning down central business districts. Even then, the video may be from some previous year, or from some other city. So watch video only from somewhere you know, at landmarks you know.

Any media, or internet, or government official, or scientist, or doctor, who gives some fine sounding explanation should be treated as suspect. The same guys hiring thugs are also controlling the public narrative. It is also clear that only a few folks understand the public is being played.

The next date in this series is another 40 days out, and hits Thursday, July 9, 2020. If obvious I will cover headlines here the following day. That date returns to a longer story, the waters increase and then lift the ark above the land. The waters continue to rise until the mountains are covered.

I suspect we are dealing with banking system liquidity again, like in response to the original Covid declaration, but we will see. By textual volume we would expect that date to be more important than this week's date.

Let me give you a heads up. 2020-07-24, a Friday, is the next date after that, again calculated by the prophetic read, and at that date we get the very worst parts of the overall Noah story, where everything dies by drowning. Again, I expect headlines to be financial. After that date the story lingers on for a long time, but slowly gets less severe.

By volume of text and severity of root stories, these 2 July dates are the most important in the entire series. July will be a very interesting month.

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