This past week there was a major terrorist event in Moscow. There was also a serious bridge collapse in Baltimore. This blog explores those headlines and introduces an update to

Fire In Moscow (

The link here is to the initial Zero Hedge article detailing events at the Crocus City Hall, the largest indoor music venue in Moscow. A group of 4 men entered the building and started shooting. Before fleeing they set the structure on fire.

11 Arrested (

By Saturday evening Moscow time 11 people had been arrested. All were suspected of being involved in some way. The bulk of the group were headed to Ukraine in order to escape. The venue was still smoldering, 143 people were killed.


The US government had issued a warning on March 7, 2024, that a terrorist attack was being planned against Moscow. They warned people to stay away from large concert venues in Russia. Victoria Nuland had resigned 2 days earlier and had also spoken of nasty surprises in store for Russia.

So the USA knew what was going down. The Russians would later swear that normal diplomatic channels for conveying this information was not used. This suggested the USA was in on the plot and was not formally trying to stop the attack.

Important to note, the religion actually being followed by American leaders demands that they state their intended crimes publicly. Announcing this terrorist event would be a good example of how this works. Think Bill Gate's 2010 TED talk on using vaccines to kill 1,000,000,000 people as a good reference example. That same religion allows them to deny any involvement later.

Within 1 hour of the Moscow attack, the US government was then blaming ISIS, or ISIS-K. How could they have known anything at that point? This seemed to be an example of trying to control the narrative, placing blame on someone other than themselves. Formal history books, like Wikipedia will be edited to conform to this version of history.

Trouble with blaming ISIS is that they are Muslim. Muslim terrorists always intend to die by suicide. Not so the men ultimately captured. They were headed home to Ukraine in the hopes of a hero's welcome.

As I surveyed alternative media reports of this, essentially nobody believed ISIS had anything to do with this, nor did the Russians. Blame was generally given to Ukraine and to their western military overseers. In other words this is another American/Zionist attack on Russia attempting to cause Russia to escalate the war in Ukraine. They attempt to shift blame from themselves by blaming others.

NATO's bankers very much want escalation. A public terrorist attack that would enrage the average Russian is a good way to do this. The goal would be to put pressure on the Russian military to do something, anything, to make this stop. This of course by escalating war in Ukraine.

The war in Gaza and the war in Ukraine have been importantly characterized by an inability of western Zionists to provoke escalation in either theater of war. The Moscow attack had little impact either. This is a unique characteristic of these wars which is important to understand and which I cover in more depth below.

Francis Scott Key Bridge

Then, at about 1:30 AM local time on Tuesday, March 26, 2024, a cargo ship headed for Singapore left Baltimore harbor. It lost power soon after departing the dock. It also mysteriously veered off course. At the point of loss of power, sheer momentum should have carried it under the open center of the bridge.

In any case, it then turned right and headed into the south supports of the bridge. The link above is to the clip of the real time live stream showing the loss of power, the turn into the south support structure and then the collapse of the bridge itself.

The ship had called out a mayday, and the bridge was closed to traffic moments before the collapse. There were 6 maintenance workers filling pot holes in the bridge deck who were not able to escape and who are presumed dead. If this had happened during rush hour, many hundreds of people would have been killed.

In the video you can see large explosions across the top support members of the bridge. These are likely from high voltage power lines feeding power to bridge lighting. Those lines are likely to be shorting out as the bridge is failing. This aspect of the video will require someone to produce bridge plans showing the high voltage cables to be routed across the top of the bridge. Otherwise this alone would prove this bridge collapse was an inside job.

The wreckage of the bridge is expected to take several months to remove. Even the barges and cranes needed to lift the wreckage will take time to arrive on scene. Clearing wreckage like this is dangerous because of the risk of load shifts during recovery. Those shifts can easily injure or kill divers and salvage workers. Expect harbor access open in a few months, and a replacement bridge in maybe 5 years.

Complicating matters for Baltimore truck traffic is that the nearest alternative routes are through tunnels which do not allow wide nor hazardous cargo. Traffic along the I-95 corridor will be upset for years to come.

Plague: Blood On The River

The start of the 2008 plague series began with the collapse of the I-35W bridge across the Mississippi River between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The collapse of this bridge in Baltimore immediately hints that we are looking at the start of another plague series, beginning now in Baltimore.

Note that the I-35W bridge collapse was ultimately an accident caused by poorly designed gussets and construction materials stacked on the weak bridge. The Baltimore bridge was also under construction. Though the alternative media are screaming about how this might be a false flag, it too, may be an accident. Joshua simply lifting his hand of favor off of the country.

The Baltimore bridge collapse would match plagues by theme, as I have been exploring in recent blogs. But this time it might match a precise schedule based on a soon coming Exodus date. Another Exodus date is coming on September 25, 2024, and it might have a day-accurate prelude.

Jesus 2000 Report

The link here is to the report on Bible Time that gives the dates for the series that informed the start of war in Ukraine and the start of the genocide in Gaza. If you scroll down you will find dates in early July, 2024, related to the birth of Moses, and then you will find the Exodus date in September, 2024.

So this bridge collapse may be the start of a run of dates headed toward next September. There are 183 days between the Baltimore bridge collapse and that date in September. For a complete series to fit in that time would require a pacing that has not been seen before, maybe a 1 day in the written plague account to 1 week now? The actual math would look for something around 4.3 days now vs. 1 day in the Exodus account. This is not an obvious known prophetic ratio. But this does not rule out another plague series.

I want to return to this in a future blog. But, we may be facing down 6 months of serious headlines. I would not be surprised. There has been a clear shift in the tone of how alternative media is reporting on Ukraine and Gaza. I am picking up on this shift too. In my case it is a shift in my personal prophetic journey.

Prophetic Season

Since the week of unleavened bread I have been in a strange prophetic season. Nearly every night I am being called to a time of personal lots and then intercession. Prayer is almost always for the work we are doing, never for events in headlines.

Most evenings, there has been prophetic gossip on headlines. It has been a long time since I have had regular prophetic insight about headlines. Now the season has changed and this is happening much more regularly.

There have been others online who have been indicating similar things. There is a change in the general prophetic feeling for what is going on in the world. The open southern border is sometimes blamed, the election is sometimes blamed, sometimes it is just a gut feeling.

Let me just hit the highlights that I see recurring on most evenings. Hopefully this will help others notice unusual prophetic patterns in their own lives.

Problems For Benjamin

Over the week heading into Unleavened Bread and then through that week, we had a major prophetic education on the lost tribe of Benjamin. Late in Judges they were reduced to 600 fighters. Then Benjamin became the residents of the city of Jerusalem.

In that capacity they would build the skills for running a permanent civil service. This includes the first century Roman world, and now they run the civil services of most governments in the world. Along the way, Benjamin became both common Jews as we known them and now the ruling Zionists behind much of the financial world. They of course are also ruling modern Israel.

Those stories are now coming up prophetically. I am being shown that those stories are not only history that explains the world as it is now, but those stories explain what is about to happen to Benjamin again. History is repeating before our eyes.


The story of the fall of Benjamin in the last 3 chapters of Judges has been used repeatedly with me in order to understand what is going on now. Benjamin is repeating those stories over again in world events.

Both wars, in Gaza and in Ukraine, are different fronts on another Benjamin war. Both are driven by Zionist goals of world dominion. In Israel to establish a world capital, and in Ukraine to ultimately trigger a wider war for the control of Russia and her natural assets.

Right now, Benjamin's tribal rulers think they have the advantage. But the tribe of Judah will eventually win. Why? Because history repeats. Not to say that there is not massive loss of life everywhere. That happened in Judges too.

Benjamin will be reduced to a remnant just as it was in those last 3 chapters of Judges. Judah, of course, is now Russia, as I have long explained on Bible Tribes. Simply put, the prophetic story of Judges means that Russia is the tribe who always eventually wins when the tribes go to war against Benjamin.

David And Bathsheba

The next point that is being used repeatedly with me involves Israel and Gaza. The story being used prophetically with me is the story of David and Bathsheba. But especially the prophetic words given to David via Nathan the prophet. The rich man is taking the sheep of a poor man, and because of that, the king will suffer the complete loss of his kingdom.

The Zionists behind Israel control all bank and brokerage and mortgage accounts throughout the western world. If you have any money in a bank, or any shares of stock, or own any bonds, then they are most likely kept on deposit in a financial institution controlled by Zionists.

If your house has a mortgage, then they can cause you to fail to make payments, say by closing the factory where you work, and then ultimately foreclose and take your house. Simply put, those same Zionist bankers can use your assets for anything they want, provided they can satisfy any small claim you may have against them in the future.

Zionists are collectively the wealthiest man ever, as per the parable used against David. This is how to think about Israel and its western Zionist bankers/backers.

The poor man with a single sheep is Gaza.

For decades, people of Gaza have only had food because of charitable support from countries around the world. That food is cut off by Israel who is now starving out Palestinians in Gaza. They look intent to starve to death maybe 2,000,000 people. This food blockade is just like the wealthy man who stole the sheep of the poor man.

Israel, and her wealthy backers, including all those with deposits in western banks, will be judged over this in ways we have never seen before in the history of the modern world. The wealthy bankers are wealthy because they control all the deposits in all the banks that they run. All depositors are part of this crime, so beware.

Every account in every western financial institution is at risk when this is judged. Zionist bankers will not be able to satisfy claims against them when this goes down. This is a fancy way of saying the banking systems of the west are going to fail in some spectacular fashion.

Let me repeat, this is not just cash deposits, but stocks and bonds (mortgages) which are now usually kept in specialized banks setup expressly for those types of financial instruments. Do not measure personal wealth in these ways, it is about to evaporate.

Noah's Flood

Finally, there is another recurring theme. I am getting this regularly as well. We are in the gathering storm ahead of Noah's flood.

There are many stories in the text that deal with gathering storms. These are then paired to the stories of Noah which do not particularly emphasize the run up to the flood. The written account of Noah gets interesting after the ark lifts off the ground, we are not there yet. The recurring theme right now is to build and/or have an ark for weathering the soon flood.

That flood story is a parable against what the world will call nuclear war, or World War III. We must not forget that this is still going to happen too.

Only certain geographic regions are going to be safe through this. All large cities in the western world are at risk. City by city, trustworthy, prophetic words are needed to know which, if any, may be safe. I do not have anything like a full list. Finding trustworthy citations for that work seems impossible to do from a distance.

We still have about 5 years before this happens, but the world is going to keep getting stranger and stranger as we go forward. The storm clouds of war are going to keep getting worse, not better.

How To Cope

In response to these warnings, I am also regularly told to keep working on the daily tasks ahead of me. Knowing these big trends can cause debilitating fear. Be careful of that problem, and prevent it by keeping busy with regular work.

In my personal case, the night prophetic is regularly reminding me to work on 3 things, tooling for manuscript recovery, tabernacles items and charts for Bible Time. I should be done with general build environment stuff soon, maybe by next week. I will be turning to manuscript, tabernacles items and charts next.

Staying focused on work is how to remain sane as the world grows successively more insane. As part of this I am being reminded of the need to eventually get moved off the west coast, but that waits until other work items are further along.

War Strategies

I have been trying to keep up on news reports that explain what is going on with both war fronts. Neither Ukraine, nor Gaza, is following previous patterns of war. Something is very different this time. The common characteristic is that victims of Zionist attacks are very slow to escalate.

For example, Russia waited from 2014 to 2022 in order to respond in Ukraine. Even this week, low level Russian officials have said clearly that the USA and UK, at least, are responsible for the attack in Moscow, but eventually Putin calmed everyone down, and said that only Ukraine is responsible.

Another example involves Gaza. In essentially all previous attacks by Israel against its neighbors, especially Lebanon, the Arab/Iranian side quickly escalates. Not so this time, Hezbollah in Lebanon has been very restrained. Though Hezbollah is taking pot shots at northern Israel, they have not escalated against Israel like in past years.

One of the obvious reasons for restraint is because both war fronts can easily escalate into nuclear war. This will of course happen, just give it time. So the logic here is that by not escalating, those who fight the Zionists are lowering the risk of nuclear war. This is not fully wrong reasoning. But, there seems to be a more important objective going on by deliberately not escalating.

Another obvious reason for not escalating involves war financing. The banking system of the western world is on the verge of collapse. The US government is having to monetize bonds. By simply stalling the war, the west risks becoming unable to fund continued fighting. So by stalling until western financial collapse is itself a war strategy.

I still do not think these are the fundamental reasons nobody is going to war on behalf the Gazans. There is another, more important and more permanent reason.

Loss of 2,000,000 Gazans

This change in strategy risks that Israel will succeed in killing maybe 2,000,000 Palestinians. This outcome is a tragedy as seen by most of the public in most of the world. (Only some Zionist Christians think otherwise, to their shame. Also the bought and corrupt American politicians want this outcome.)

To much of the public, the lack of escalation against Israel appears to be causing Palestinian deaths. This with no apparent upside.

But, this strategy is doing something we have not seen before. Israel cannot hide behind the aggression of others and so cannot place blame for their actions on anyone else.

By not escalating against Israel, Israel cannot hide in the fog of a wider war. Israel will become singularly and obviously responsible for a holocaust in Gaza.

By this, Israel will be defeated in the minds of the public, world wide. It already has been defeated if I go by comments I read online. Watch nearly any youtube video with a comment stream and you will see the overwhelming support for the people of Gaza. Nobody is protesting in western cities on Israel's behalf.

But, there is another more important group who are no longer supporting Israel. This is apparently already being seen in polling data of young American Jews. They heavily support the Palestinians in Gaza. The have switched sides and are not supporting their Zionist leaders. In contrast, young Jews living in Israel are still in support of Netanyahu's war against Gaza. But, even in Israel there are reports of some trouble with support.

The fundamental support base for Israel is now broken. This is the result of the restraint shown by those who would normally come to the military support of Gaza.

Going Forward

The tribe of Benjamin thinks he has the advantage. But his internal support is now split and he is loosing external support around the world. Any future of playing the Nazi Holocaust victim card will be immediately answered by the Jewish created holocaust now going on in Gaza. They have lost their moral authority that they usually gain by playing the victim wild card.

So what will they do instead?

They will shift to using western NATO military power. They are going to want to escalate and finish this off quickly, without regard to popular support from around the world. This is going to happen at both fronts in this war.

This means drafting gentile soldiers from across the western world, first in Europe and then ultimately in the USA. They will cause the Russians to kill as many as possible, just like they have done with Ukrainian soldiers. Poland begins their process of conscription today, March 29, 2024. France is about to do the same.

Remember the bottom line, in a war between Judah and Benjamin, Russia wins.

First Fruits

The link here is to the Paleo Calendar app. If you look ahead, you will see Sunday, May 5, 2024, is the nominal date for the holiday of First Fruits.

Of course this holiday can be done at any time by observation. Without any other specific reason, First Fruits and Weeks are set 6 months ahead of the fall holidays.

This year, this is also the Sunday for Orthodox Easter, set as it is from the early church fathers who were imitating the Jewish schedule for Passover. The western world celebrates Easter on a different schedule and this year western Easter falls on Sunday, March 31, 2024.

In preparation for First Fruits, I have been trying to get all the websites and web apps converted over to the new build environment. Let me review how it now stands, about 1 week out.

App Updates

At the start of this past week there were 4 remaining public projects that needed the new build environment. These are the Classroom, TT, BRB and Paleo.In itself.

The most daunting of those is Paleo.In because that project also manages this weekly blog. So ideally I needed to crack open that project and have it fully converted over with less than 1 total calendar week of work. Almost every other project has been open for more than a week, so the weekly blog schedule already made this project into trouble.

The other issue for Paleo.In was blog specific code that would need to be converted over. Without any other projects for testing, that code would need to work correctly the first time, less than 1 week after starting work.

We also wanted to convert Paleo.In from an app into a more conventional website. There is no reason to install Paleo.In on a phone, so there is no reason for it to be an app. This was done when we were making everything into apps, which itself was a mistake.

Websites involve a different configuration, but they also involve a conversion of the style system, which Ryan usually manages. So both of us needed to coordinate work on Paleo.In.

We have done this app-to-website conversion a few times already (, and so the process was known. But the look and feel of the result for Paleo.In was less clear. We were not sure about using tabs, for example, and wanted to explore alternatives. Even the previous design did not use a drop down menu, so avoiding the use of tabs was a possible design goal.

OK, so after last week's blog went out I began the conversion. Ryan stepped in to help once the other work was far enough along. We then alternated our work on the project. By Thursday afternoon, the new version of the site was up. Barring trouble with sending email, which will be tested Friday, we made it.

An Angry Spell Checker

The first big hassle was that I tangled with an angry, ruthless, spell checker. It was without mercy. It called out many, many, of my spelling errors across nearly all the pages on Paleo.In.

Long time readers here, who know how to spell, should understand the mess I have been in for a long time. Every blog, going back to 2018, was spell checked. At least half of them had spelling errors. It took 2 unscheduled days to go through all the files and fix all the spelling errors. Some of you, I know, are now cheering wildly. From now on, future blogs will always be spell checked before they are released into the wild.

Blog Code Issues

I was able to mostly lift the blog specific code from the old build environment into the new build. This was not as terrible as it could have been. I did not loose that fight like I did with the spell checker.

Because of the spell checking problem, every blog has been edited. The RSS feed system uses the precise date and time of the last edit against each entry.

So this massive spell check change is probably causing trouble in the Feed Readers of anyone following this blog using that format. There was not time to fix this with fake time stamps. So I am just trusting it will work out.

But, regular readers using Feed Readers should see all entries as having changed. Depending on the specific feed reader in use, the past 20 or so blog posts may look like they are all new. Trust me, they are not.

This should settle down going forward from today. Please let me know if there are more severe problems involving reading the blog over RSS.

New Branding

We have adjusted the look and feel of the now new website. We wanted something different for the banner on that site. It is the hub for the other projects. It needed something special.

We finally settled on using the manuscript recovery audit pattern as the graphic for the banner on that website. So we are showing off the most important secret in the history of the world.

Not that we explain publicly how to use it. More on that soon.

Remaining Projects

There is still 1 week to go before First Fruits. There are 3 more projects remaining to convert. Can we do it?

Check back here next week to find out.

More Later,