Paul Part 6

This week's talk is on the healing of the centurion's servant and the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain. We've also updated all website icons. To get current icons you may need to reinstall the apps. Details on this below.

Paul Part 6

This week's talk completes our first run through the commandments. These have been running in reverse. Next time they will start moving forward, down the list in regular order.

In this week's talk the apostles are selected and then the centurion is used to explain delegation hierarchies. Joshua runs an unseen hierarchy himself that runs in a similar way.

Also in this week's talk we look at the raising of the dead son of the widow of Nain. As a story it is relatively simple. The complexity is most of the terms are symbolic. I don't deal with the complete symbolic story, only touching here on the symbols. It takes several other stories to put the puzzle completely together. Will deal with that whole story later.


We decided to update all of the icons on our web apps and web sites. They are now a consistent family of icons. All just simple Paleo letters. They especially look nice as a set on handheld devices. They also encourage learning the Paleo letters. Previously they only made sense if you already knew the letters.

Some platforms may replace icons automatically when you launch, but most do not. Even devices that do update icons, most don't do so consistently. So you may have to reinstall anyway.

Sorry for the trouble. We hope to not do this again.

If you are using the history function in the TT app, beware, reinstalling will cause a loss of history. The app itself will run fine and internally change icons, even if you don't reinstall. So you can skip reinstall if you want, or wait until a convenient time in the future.

Because of the risk of asking everyone to reinstall, I also fixed some long standing issues with our web server configuration and paths. When we switched to service workers a couple years ago I accidently used a bad path for certain content. Now was the time to fix this too.

The plan was good, and tested OK, but, we botched the deploy of all of this. For about 1 hour, around noon on Thursday, Feb. 27, 2020, there was a chance installed apps were borked. This if they were launched during that time and were able to check the server for changed content.

The clue that happened is the app would turn into 1 big icon. If you see this, you will need to uninstall the app and start again, perhaps even doing a 'clear storage' in your device's settings.

The Bill of Materials website has a new icon on The site itself will get new icons when it is next updated. Hopefully sometime soon.

Some of you have the BRB app installed. is the URL. In keeping with our general shift to the Testimony, we no longer offer a link off the website to the BRB. That app is getting less and less use as the Testimony comes along. The app itself remains online as a technical reference. But, if you need to reinstall, or want to help someone else install it, you will need to type the url in by hand. Alternately you could use the QRCode on the back cover within the app itself.

Finally, I have updated the calendar app function. We are now pretty confident in the inspired holidays. Only the week of Unleavened Bread and the week of Tabernacles are inspired. The rest were added by editors. So these are the only 2 holidays that remain in the calendar app.

More Later,