Ancient Apocalypse

There is a series running on Netflix by Graham Hancock called Ancient Apocalypse. It is a well produced story of what was going on around 13,000 years ago on Earth. This blog explains the scripture behind those events.

Ancient Apocalypse (Netflix)

The link here is to the Netflix page for Hancock's documentary. It is behind a paywall, so you will need a Netflix account in order to watch the series. See links below if you have no Netflix access.

The early episodes are tours of various ancient sites that are evidence of, or tell stories about, the world at the end of the last ice age. Early episodes are focused on introducing important locations, by the end of the season he lays out his case more completely.

Here is a link to a review of the entire series itself. This on Youtube and anyone can watch. Hancock himself has endorsed this otherwise independently produced review.

Midnight's Edge Review (Youtube)

Hancock's problem, of course, is his credentials are as a journalist. His work is revealing evidence that contradict currently held beliefs in academic archaeology. To use other vocabulary, he is fighting a priesthood by revealing facts that are contradictory to priestly doctrines.

Patterns like this play out all the time. We are on one of those tracks ourselves. I have a lot of sympathy for his struggles.

London Real Interview (Youtube)

The link here is to a long interview where he lays out his basic thesis in pretty clear terms. Use this link to get a summary of the events he thinks took place around 12,800 years ago.

Scripture Timeline (Bible Time)

The prophetic calendar we use for prophetic headlines is based on the timeline found in scripture. We scale the historical timeline at different scales and watch headlines.

The timeline itself, though, is a historical timeline. It puts the stories of the garden of Eden about 13013 years ago as I write this blog.

There is a difference in year definitions, which accounts for about 30 years of difference compared to the calendar Hancock is using.

So the 12,800 year reference used throughout Hancock's work differs by about 170 years that cannot be otherwise explained. To be fair, this is only about 1 percent difference over this scale and the scientific work that dates this event may have a tolerance in this range. So we don't particularly care. But, this does want us to look again at the textual story.

The link above is to the page that summarizes the timeline in the early years. If you scroll down you will find Adam's first year is year 1 on our calendar. The first recorded birth is Seth, in the 130th year and then Enosh in the 234th year.

So Hancock is telling an apocalypse story roughly coincident to the struggle between Cain and Abel. This is roughly the point where patterns of life are getting stabilized after the initial struggles in Eden itself.

Note here how the text is dealing with interpersonal struggles while the evidence available in the world is macroscopic. Scientists can find comet strike evidence in Greenland ice cores, they can find evidence of sea level rise, but they don't know the stories behind those events.

Garden of Eden

The text itself has another problem. The story in the garden is told in a way that focuses on the relationship between Adam and Eve.

This is an important structure. If you never read the rest of the text, the first story is all about the question of who are you going to marry? This is important, so it focuses there. It also focuses on the struggles with that first couple that lead to all of life as we know it, which is of course also foundational to everyone's personal lives.

As written it does not provide much details as to what was going on. That must come from some other place. Our belief is that the story of Paul's journey and especially shipwreck on his way to Rome is written in such detail because it is the text's prophetic back story to Eden.


We were shown this when we were sent to Flagstaff Arizona. We walked in, otherwise by accident, on the 90th anniversary celebration of the discovery of Pluto. That discovery was made at an observatory built for that purpose on a hill in Flagstaff.

It is not unfair to say that Pluto wanted to be found.

The orbit of Neptune was thought to suggest another planet. Calculations where made as to where that planet might be. Those calculations would turn out to be wrong, so the hunt was in the wrong place. Which turned out to be the right place to actually find Pluto.

The astronomer who found Pluto was an amateur, who as a young man, with the help of his father, had built is own telescope in the family farm's barn in Kansas. He wanted advice on his written logs from using his hand made telescope. So he wrote the staff in Flagstaff with a page from his diary. He was not looking for a job. His notes were impressive enough to be offered the job of janitor. He was not, of course, credentialed enough for any other position in the observatory.

He was the only person on staff with the grit to keep working the tedious problem of actually finding a planet. (Sound familiar?) He found Pluto after weeks of evening work following his day job of sweeping floors. This was work that these days is done by computers in software.

In those days work was done using mostly custom built photographic equipment that had to be run by hand. After being given credit for discovery of a planet, he went back to school. He eventually had a career as a popular professor of astronomy.

While we were on that trip we pieced together the prophetic back story to Eden, Paul's shipwreck. Let me explain.

Paul's Shipwreck (BRB)

Paul's shipwreck is documented starting in Acts 27. As a parable it means there was a ship of souls passing through this star system. In other words, traveling through space to some other star system destination. They were traveling on an artificial moon.

There was a storm, so an interstellar space storm. They were marooned when the ship was wrecked in that storm, so a ship of human souls was marooned in this system at about 13,000 years ago.

There is quite a bit of text in Acts that goes with the problems on board ship before the ship is lost. Those great struggles likely explain the troubles getting the ship into a stable orbit in this system as the storm raged.

Pluto is likely that ship. They attempted and failed to orbit Neptune. Pluto is still locked to Neptune's orbit of the sun, but Pluto itself orbits the sun instead of Neptune.

I was taught prophetically in 2004 about how artificial worlds are normally placed in orbit around gas giants so that when they leave they do not destroy the surface of inhabited worlds. Pluto's orbital lock on Neptune implies this is where they wanted to land. They might have been in closer, say at Earth. They might have caused the destruction Hancock reports on so well.

The storm of that day may have bearing on understanding events on Earth at the same time. Earth itself may have gone through the same storm. This would be the cause for the end of the ice age. This would be the cause for the change in Earth's orbit. This would be the cause for Hancock's Ancient Apocalypse.

Notice here I am offering 2 different possible scenarios. Either the same storm or the ship itself may have wrecked Earth. This is the sort of question that needs answering by looking at known events on Earth in that era. Continuing with the story...

Paul's shipwreck includes a prophetic detail that everyone who stayed with the ship would survive. This may be written to explain an exception to the prophetic use of this story. Some may have escaped to Earth, but maybe not everyone.

If they did get close enough to Earth to offload, then they wrecked the place in the process.

The Garden of Eden is likely in a rescue ship, and there were lost souls that Adam and Eve represent. Those 2 were rescued and restored and tested and cast out for soul problems. In this point the 2 stories seem to diverge.

When Paul's fellow travelers finally did reach shore, they were not sure where they were. They found and were welcomed by people living on the island. Some people seemed to be island natives, while there was also someone with a big house and at least some culture.

As a parable, this story is starting to go deep in ways that Hancock's work seems to document. Hancock suggests Earth had some hunter-gatherers and some megalithic monument builders. This would be the natives and the high society that Paul ran into. The Romans in Paul's day could build big carved stone houses.

This seems to have been a society that matches the island where Paul and his fellow travelers were marooned. Hancock is making the linkage between Paul's story and Eden much stronger. This is why Hancock's work is important to understand.

Paul's party stayed on the island for a winter before continuing their journey. They left for Rome when it was both safe to travel and when they could find a ship. All of history for the past 13,000 years, and future history, is like being marooned on the island.

Pluto is pitched to the orbital plain of the rest of the planets in this system. This tipping is what we believe marks artificiality. This same pitch is seen with Eden, the Iapetos moon of Saturn. Both of these moons are ships moored in this system.

Pluto is a twin. It has a moon of significant mass. This moon is big enough to cause the center of rotation of the pair to be above the surface of Pluto. A very disorienting feature if you lived there.

When Paul finally departs that island he leaves on a ship with the twin figureheads of Castor and Pollux. (See Acts 28:11 NIV.)

Though at the end of the shipwreck story, the twin headed nature of Pluto is seen in that account. It appears to be one of the ways out of this system in the distant future.

Hidden Mathematics (Youtube)

Randall Carlson often appears on clips of Joe Rogan with Graham Hancock. The 2 men appear to be friends and have been on stage together in other venues. The link here is to a 2 hour lecture by Carlson on Hidden Mathematics. It was a stand up lecture that has been augmented with very nice summary illustrations.

In this video he explains the ancient and strange basis for all of our basic units of measure. This includes feet, inches, furlongs, stadia, miles and planetary sizes and proportions. Ancient builders knew and used these values in important ways in their constructions. This is strong evidence of high society on Earth in the past. Carlson goes into detail with the great Pyramid in Egypt.

He spends considerable time on the precession cycle of Earth. He will use 25,920 years as that value. We currently expect 25,500 years to be the time implied by the text. 25,500 is the number of days in 70 years, the time of a king's reign.

He does a good job of hinting at trouble at certain points in that cycle. So 25,500 years may be set to avoid another actual winter space storm. He is defending the idea people have lived on Earth a VERY long time. This is supported by using Paul's shipwreck as a parable. It looks like Joshua is attempting to rescue the whole place.

Carlson will also go into references to time in known records that explain the time on Earth before 13,000 years ago. This is what the creation story week in Genesis 1 is telling in an abbreviated form. Remember, we are currently in creation day 7. The minimum number of years allowed per creation day is 360,000 years each. This sets precursor time, say on Earth, as an editor might be measuring, at over 2,000,000 years.

Carlson eventually gets to the Eden geometry given in Revelation. He does not name the moon, but recognizes the special geometry. This caught my eye as I have not yet gotten to the exterior modeling.

This is an important compliment to Hancock's work and I recommend it if you have the time. You might consider starting with Carlson's video and then move on to Hancock.


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