There are interesting headlines out of Florida that point at the declining side of the Noah's flood series. Details follow.

Regions In The USA

Within the United States there are different geographic prophetic overlays. One of those prophetic systems is a tribal overlay to regions within the country. If you have extensively traveled the country you're probably noted different regional character. That character maps back to tribal characteristics from Jacob's heirs. Let me give 3 examples.

If you drive through Texas and listen to local radio, you'll find what matters is being the best. This culture of Texas expects people to be strong self promoters. When not true this becomes a common pattern of boasting. Historically, cattle and later oil made many rich, and the individual millionaire is still a cultural ideal. The Texas region within the USA maps to the tribe of Asher.

In the Pacific Northwest the issue is following texts. Smith Tower, the first sky scraper west of the Mississippi, was built with typewriter money, Microsoft Word for writing texts was developed in Seattle, Powell's books and Amazon which was originally just a book seller all play to this regional characteristic.

Industries like hydro electric dams, floating bridges and airplanes work when engineers carefully write design documents and then builders strictly follow those texts. Back when the maintenance manual for a 747 was printed, it was 12 feet thick and came in 4 different natural languages. The cultural icon is a software engineer drinking Starbucks. The tribal map is to Dan, the judge, asking who or what has broken the text, broken the law.


Florida's cultural focus is different. The culture deals with origins and beginnings. Floridians want to know how did something start? Remember, the oldest European settlement in the USA is in St. Augustine, Florida, founded in 1565. This is the hidden start of European colonization of North America. The USA began there, even if not acknowledged in the history books.

Ryan and I were sent on an urgent prophetic journey to Florida, and as a surprise to us, we walked into Epcot on the exact day of their 30th anniversary. There were many special events, but 2 stood out to us.

The Disney executive responsible for their Florida properties gave a long speech. She brought up employees who were there on opening day. She explained all the various ways that ideas begin at Epcot. People go there to be inspired, to have an idea. She explained in detail how new ideas begin at Epcot in Florida, something very important to the culture of Florida. She also explained how many marriages begin with a honeymoon to Epcot. So how many children have been conceived at Epcot?

On that same 30th anniversary day, Disney pulled from retirement the executive who had been tasked by the Disney board of directors with building Epcot. He spent around 2 hours explaining the origins of Epcot and the many troubles they faced to get Epcot birthed.

Both of these examples show how the audience in Florida wants to hear these sorts of origin stories. It is an essential part of the local culture. Not boasting over who is best, even though the Disney properties in Florida certainly are the best. Not detailing the engineering of how Epcot was built, even though it has remarkable engineering.

Florida maps to the tribe of Zebulun, who like Greece in an Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, leads the rest of the nation in various ways.

Noah 2020

We are now on the second half, the downward half, of a prophetic year that follows the story of Noah's flood.

Many in alternative media have pointed out that it is possible that Covid is an engineered bioweapon, either released against China or by China. All other replays of Noah, at various times across the charts, have been fulfilled by wars. Noah has never replayed as a natural pandemic. Why would this year be any different? Wrecking an economy, so it cannot feed itself, much less make war, has never been so easy.

Drowning was the key mode of death in Noah's Flood. Caused as it was by human action, apparently wobbling a planet.

Covid deaths are usually death by drowning, when fluid takes over the lungs of someone with an abnormally weak immune system. A weak immune system is caused by other serious illnesses. Covid deaths are the prophetic fulfillment of this year's Noah replay.

Also, the George Floyd sparked riots, "I can't breath," are also a fulfillment for this Noah replay. Here the drowning action is more symbolic.

Since early August, 2020, the Noah story should be winding down. But, very slowly, as the flood waters slowly recede. As we work towards prophetic dates in late 2020 and at the US Presidential inauguration in January 2021.

The fact that the series points at the inauguration strongly matches the political nature of the events in this prophetic season, and makes both Covid and Riots into political stories too.

Florida Headlines

The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has been in the headlines recently. He outlined new legislation for how Florida will deal with future riots. His model will likely be followed at the federal level eventually. One feature is state defunding of cities that defund their police.

DeSantis traveled Florida with Dr. Atlas, a remarkable doctor and professor from Stanford, who seems to have been tasked by President Trump with the national problem of winding down the political response to Covid. Signs on business doors, for example, cannot be safely removed for employer legal reasons without federal legislation, and that is but 1 of a myriad of problems that must be tackled to wind down Covid.

DeSantis has now boldly taken the first serious steps to end the political side of Covid in Florida. Likely following Dr. Atlas' coaching. There are urgent economic reasons for this. Florida's economy is based on tourism, and the theme parks and cruise ships must get restarted in order to get people back to work. Disney just announced 28,000 layoffs. Many of them in Florida. Those employees have families to feed and are facing serious economic trouble because of poor political response to Covid.

If any other governor had done these things, his actions would not matter much. But, because he is governor of Florida, we need to take careful prophetic notice. Remember, this is the state that leads the procession like Greece in the Olympic Games. Because of this role in the national culture, other states will take that Florida inspiration, and carry it home, just as vacationers do every time they visit Epcot.

DeSantis will take heaps of abuse for putting lives at risk. Florida does have a high percentage of elderly retirees, scared by their addiction to fake TV news, and more likely to have the illnesses that weaken immune systems. So they will be more afraid and will complain more than other states. To his credit, DeSantis has called for the continued isolation of people at risk to Covid, which is the historical response. Everyone needs herd immunity to form. But, in the end, even with trouble along the way, DeSantis should be vindicated for doing the right thing. He will be riding Noah's flood down to the end.

Watch for states with Republican governors to be the first to follow Florida, after it is clear that it is working, after the nature of political flack directed at DeSantis is understood. Then, after the election, watch for states with Democrat governors to finally follow.

Watch also for this to happen in strange ways. The Michigan supreme court, for example, ruled after DeSantis' actions, that the Michigan governor lacks legal authority to keep clamping down on Covid.

Different states will have different stories.

More Later,