In this post I deal with recent edits in the TT dealing with John the Baptist being changed to Jonah the Baptist. I also deal with recent news out of Ukraine, the likely fulfillment of coming out of the ark. Finally, some house keeping issues related to our apps. Read on for more.


A couple weeks ago we updated the TT with a change to the name 'John the Baptist.' It is now rendered as 'Jonah the Baptist.' There have been some questions on this change, so let me address the logic and what it means.

John has always had mild problems as a name. The best place to see this is in Matthew 16:14. Here Joshua asks his disciples about who the crowds think Joshua might be.

There are 4 offered answers, John the Baptist, Elijah, Jeremiah, or 1 of the prophets.

For the other names in this list, the crowd's logic can be deduced. Someone from the past has come back. Either because they went up in a UFO, like Elijah, so could have come back down. Or because they have been born again, and returned to life similar in call to what they had before.

John the Baptist does not fit either of these scenarios, which is why there is trouble with this passage. John the Baptist and Joshua are the same generation, born about 6 months apart. The crowds should know this is not John changing his name to Joshua, and there is not time for the born again scenario.

So on a strong hunch, in the TT text, we have changed the name John the Baptist to Jonah the Baptist. This makes this troubled passage clear. When Joshua asked who the crowds thought he was, their answer was a list of important OT prophets, Jonah, Elijah, Jeremiah or 1 of the other prophets. The issue the crowd was having was in HOW any of these men could have come back as Joshua.

This passage now exhibits a possible pattern seen with the editors on the word 'Angel.' They were converting 'King' to 'Angel' but did so carelessly at times. A low level scribe likely making a mistake when copying documents to make a king to angel edit. Hitting an earthly king which might as well have been left as king.

A low level scribe may have done so again here, with Jonah to John, converting the wrong Jonah, the historical Jonah, as though it were modern Jonah, the son of Zechariah.

The word Baptist was either added intentionally, so no hint of a Jonah sent to them to warn of the 70 AD destruction, or the term baptist added later to correct the editor's error.

With John the Baptist rendered as Jonah the Baptist, we can make sense of a bunch of other stories surrounding him. Let me briefly cover those.

Gabriel's Visit

So Gabriel visits and gives the names of the 2 sons who are to be born. 'Joshua' is a distant family member, no problem. But when Zechariah is told to name his future son 'Jonah,' Zechariah now has trouble. See Luke 1:18.

Not just a lack of faith, as we normally understand, given his wife's age, but this name fundamentally gets Zechariah in trouble. He is going to name his son after the prophet who went to Nineveh to announce its destruction. This naturally causes Zechariah trouble with his priestly bosses, since it might be taken as a death wish against Jerusalem by Zechariah himself.

This is in fact Zechariah's son's future call. Being silent over this for the next several months is a form of protection, so Zechariah can think over the trouble this is going to cause.

In Luke 1:60 we read the account of Zechariah announcing the name to those assembled when the boy is born. The key idea is that fear comes on the crowd when they hear the name. If they were responding to Zechariah now able to speak, it should have been joy. But, if they are responding to the name 'Jonah' then the fear they express is the right emotion. What a boy he will be when he begins acting like the ancient prophet Jonah.


In Luke 3 we read the account of Zechariah's son at the Jordan river. This is his big public appearance. If his name was really Jonah, then a bunch of meaning is suddenly drawn to the story. This would be to their day the same as Jonah the prophet sent to Nineveh.

In the case of Nineveh the visit lasted 40 days. We can use that time to overlay the time at the Jordan. We can confirm it using the 40 days of Joshua himself that overlap at the river.

Remember the spies who entered the land at the river? They spent 40 days across that same river. So the entire scene is set to harken back to the 40 days of spying, and then 40 years of waiting, until the land was conquered in Joshua the son of Nun's day. This is the story that times the 70 AD destruction by the Romans.

These stories all converge, and work well, if his name really was Jonah.

Greater Than Jonah

In the Luke 3 passage I referenced above, Jonah the Baptist warns that there is one greater than himself who is coming. The writer of Luke picks this up in chapter 11, suggesting John really was named Jonah. Let me explain.

In Luke 11:29-32 we read about Jonah being a sign to the Ninevites. Jonah the Baptist having done the same to that generation. Joshua is likening his ministry to being greater than that of Jonah to the Ninevites. Joshua's ministry is a second chance for Jerusalem and surrounding lands to repent. So if they do not listen, their condemnation is greater. This is the place where the Luke 3 warning about 1 greater is fulfilled. They link together by the name Jonah.

This is a jarring change because John the Baptist is such a well known name. The letter level audit will confirm this hunch in time. Now, we turn to a headline that might be a precursor to what modern Jonah's have been warning about for decades.


For the better part of the past month there have been rumblings on alternative media dealing with Ukraine, most of that behind paywalls. It only reached the level of Zero Hedge a few days ago, and has still mostly been ignored by Deep State controlled western news services.

Today Zero Hedge reposted an article that summarizes all the recent dates and milestones in Urkaine. The post also deals with the gravity of what is happening in Ukraine. Here is the Zero Hedge link, which also links back to the original source.


The key date is March 24, 2021, when the government of Ukraine effectively declared war against Russia. Others have remarked this date may go down in history books as the day WWIII was started. (At least Russian history books, the day the west used a proxy to declare war against Russia.)

Ukraine has apparently amassed 100,000 troops in support of this war. They are not a member of NATO but are apparently waiting on NATO supplies and support before they attack Donbass and/or Crimea. The Black Sea has also seen many foreign navy vessels recently arrive for 'exercises' then remain. Rumors suggest the bridge to Crimea from Russia has been closed to civilian traffic.

After March 24, 2021, Russia began moving men and material as well, also reported as around 100,000 troops with tons of supporting material. Much of it to Crimea, but also to staging areas outside of Ukraine, especially north and west of Kiev. They have also been showing off their nuclear arms, apparently as a warning against NATO members to stand down this war or risk WWIII.

There are different ways to graph the end of Noah, but the general theme is coming out of the ark. From an interpersonal perspective much of the United States has slowly been opening up after Covid, and people are coming out of their lockdowns, killing themselves slowly by taking vaccine jabs.

From a military perspective pulling men and weapons out of storage is another fulfillment, and perhaps more serious.

The Big One

This past year of Noah has a strange set of prophetic maps. The most important is as a warning against the main Noah prophetic dates at the end of the 2020s. In effect this past year with Covid is the 7 year warning against that future war.

That future war looks like it is a full on, world destroying, replay of Noah's flood from 7000 years ago. Another apocalypse if you will.

When I look back on earlier replays of Noah's flood, especially the First Persian Gulf War, there were war declarations 7 days ahead of real fighting. But, that was a day-by-day version of Noah.

The events of Noah at the end of the 2020s needs a 7 year warning, Covid, say, or whatever is about to happen with Ukraine. That future Noah Flood then needs 7 years of posturing before someone blows up the world. Most of the 2020s should be that posturing. So fighting in Ukraine should not blow up the world this year.

The news out of Ukraine has been sparse in the west for this past month so that western governments get to blame this war on Russia. Never mind Ukraine's declaration of war against them. A declaration that must have been signed by the local Ukrainian president at the orders of someone in the west.


These are the sorts of events that cause Joshua's throne room to go busy. So anyone doing daily or weekly lots should be aware. When you are doing lots you are entering the throne room, which is now busy with events in eastern Europe. So watch for lots to be focused on world events, events you may not be aware of in regular news. We have been seeing this since around March 24 when this began.


We have updated our apps this week, as normal. But I want to note the calendar cal.paleo.in and the clock clock.paleo.in have been deployed using a new build environment.

There are not any functional changes in these apps with this deploy. But from our end they build and deploy significantly faster, 1/10th the time. With this type of change, there could be regression related bugs. If you see any, please let me know.

More Later,