Book Chain

We've updated the TT and BRB as usual on Friday. This week's work includes attention to the book chain. Also, continuing with 3D modeling for cases. Details follow.

Checking the Chain

Quite a few of the books in the Testimony have been broken out of the books passed to us by history. Where those book breaks should land is itself a hard problem. The editors were smashing books together in order to hide stuff. It is a crime scene investigation, after all.

Years ago we observed that books tend to open and close on some key subject. We also noted that there are chains between books. This includes chains in the normal reading order, vertical chains, as well as chains that run "across the alphabet table," horizontal chains. We could never complete those chains because uninspired material blocked the way.

Vertical chains are simple. Book 1 chains to book 2 and so on down across the 75 books.

Horizontal chains follow a more complicated formula. Book 1 will chain 25 books later, so it chains to book 26. This is the next book with the same letter of the Paleo Alphabet.

Book 26 chains 25 books later, to 51. Book 51 chains back around to book 2, advancing the alphabet by 1 letter. Same formula for all others.

Book 75 chains both vertically and horizontally back to book 1.

To see this in action, consider the last paragraph of book 75. "Seeing we are surrounded by so great a cloud of testimonies... let us run the race set before us." It is anticipating the cycle back to the start, and the testimonies in question are all those that make up the Testimony itself. Encouraging readers to have a testimony of their own, like those that make up the rest of the work.

This week's update includes adjustments all across the Testimony in order to break books in such a way as their internal start-stop stories are whole, and such that both the horizontal and vertical chains are whole. At times this brings back material. At times this means moving sections between books.

Mostly this week's work is in books 1-25 and 51-75. We're saving problems in the middle set until the outer sets are better understood. The prophets, especially, remain hard because of their obscure material.

These breaks are matching in ways that should not be happening by chance alone. Ryan, doing most of this work, has been in a state of glee most of the week. He's been at this 15 years, and it is finally falling nicely into place.

Cases and Bases

I've continued to work 3D modeling. I finished the designs for the largest case, number 3, the River of Life. As fast as the printers can go, this case requires more like 300 hours of printer time. This is not 200 as I mentioned last week, so the printers are running most of the time. The stories behind case number 3, and it's mechanical design, really want 4 total copies. At this point I'm just making 1 copy... I will imagine the other 3.

There are 822 part numbers and assemblies so far. 3 smaller cases still to go. I expect to pass the 1000 part number level before this is done.

I also continue to be amazed at the subtle information carried in the cases themselves. This is not just building a system to display the models. The original prophetic word that drove me into the alphabet suggested there is a match from the letters to physical reality itself. So I'm taking care with this as some physicist somewhere may have an aha moment looking at how some otherwise obscure model has been set inside a case.

More Later,