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This blog looks at a series of talks given by Mike Bickle in 2019, which have been recently posted to Youtube. His subject was the prophetic origins of the International House of Prayer at Kansas City (IHOPKC). This is a complex story because it sits at the Missouri river. This is where Chinese invasion is likely stopped. Read on for my reasons why.

Missouri River Review

For those just joining, let me review material from previous blogs. Starting in the late 1990s, very many people in the western USA were shown, usually in dreams, of an eventual Chinese ground invasion in the continental USA. In those days 2 landing zones were revealed, one near the south side of the mouth of the Columbia River, another landing in Southern California. Those advancing armies were shown to join in the Salt Lake City area.

As we have been traveling across the USA in the past 3 years we were shown much more related to that invasion. The key point is it will reach, and stop, at the Mississippi river at Memphis. The boundary extends north along the Mississippi to the Missouri and then along the Missouri into South Dakota.

A recent trip across South Dakota put that same invasion boundary on the Missouri at the location where I-90 crosses the Missouri. Sioux Falls was described to us as safe and a city of faith. Though people of faith living west of Sioux Falls will know to leave for the east because of artillery coming across the Missouri river from the south.

In Texas, a triangle formed by the big cities Dallas/Forth Worth, Houston and San Antonio will also hold against the Chinese. The border between armies will be in the hills west of San Antonio. Lands south of that triangle will be disputed and fought over, trading hands in complex ways.

We don't know Louisiana very well nor how Texas connects to the rest of the USA. Those are riddles for another time.

Kansas City (Google Maps)

The link here is to a map of the Kansas City metro area. If you are unfamiliar with this city the point to note is how the Missouri River flows in from the north and then turns east and flows out to the north east. This is also where the Kansas River itself joins the Missouri, flowing in from the west.

This river confluence causes the historical downtown area to sit on a hill south of that confluence. I-70 was originally built around that hill to the north. I-670 was built later and cuts across that hill more directly. Most east/west through traffic on I-70 now uses the I-670 short cut across the downtown area.

We have been through the city on I-70 many times. It comes in from Denver on the west and it heads out to St. Louis on the east. Perhaps the most notable landmark for travelers on I-70 is the large Kansas City Royals baseball stadium on the south side of I-70 on the eastern side of the metro area. Look carefully, you can find it on the google map linked above.

We were never asking about this city when we were traveling there in the past so we don't have any direct prophetic insight on this city. Especially not related to any future invasion nor the Missouri as a final border.

We have asked about Omaha, which is north along the Missouri, and the Missouri River there is the eventual border. We have also asked at Jefferson City, in central Missouri, and the Missouri is the eventual border there too. We have asked south, in Tulsa, and it will be invaded.

It is reasonable to assume the border settles down at the Missouri even through Kansas City, but something more interesting is likely going to happen there. Based only on the IHOPKC founding prophetic I would expect this city is where the ground invasion is stopped. The rest of this blog is to explain my reasons why.

IHOPKC (Website)

In many church circles, even far from the midwest, Mike Bickle's IHOPKC is relatively well known. Starting in 1999 they opened a room for continuous worship and prayer. That room has been open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, ever since. It has become something of a destination for Protestant pilgrimage.

This is pretty impressive all by itself. It has been copied many times in many places by others. They also run something like a denomination with affiliated rooms in other parts of the country.

We visited there several years ago. Apparently Joshua sees finding a Christian spouse as the main use for late night prayer meetings, but I digress.

In 2019 Bickle gave a series of talks explaining the prophetic origins of IHOPKC. The prophetic origins of IHOPKC are relatively strange. I have heard the testimonies of other similarly large ministries, and I have trouble thinking of any other ministry with a similarly intense prophetic start. This strange start is part of my list of reasons why World War 3 itself might end in that city.

As I write this, not all the sessions are online, but here are the links for the first 4 talks. In talk 5 Bickle seems to have grabbed the note sheet from #4 and repeated it, only wearing a different colored shirt.

Session #1 (Youtube)

Session #2 (Youtube)

Session #3 (Youtube)

Session #4 (Youtube)

The first 2 sessions are mostly enough for what I am going to discuss below. So if you have limited time you may want to just watch those.

As with nearly everyone in his type of public ministry he must always couch his words. So he does not want to call out Kansas City as special, though I think it may indeed be special, and was called out as special when Bickle was moved to that city in 1982. For 7 years previous he had been in St. Louis, so he was moved up river along the Missouri. He was also moved west along I-70, which matters to our discussion here.

He also wants to use the Bible as his base of authority, though in this case the basis for his call to the city was coming through a series of confirmed prophetic words. I believe the words he relates in this history were genuine. But, we must always test these sorts of words against Naboth's story. Someone might have wanted to lead him astray using multiple false witnesses. Was that going on here? Probably not. We use lots to more effectively cancel this risk. He has no such tool.

It is very important to consider how many years ago this work began. Bickle was born in 1955. He had been at this Kansas City work 36 or 37 years when these talks were recorded. He will have been in ministry for 50 years in 2025. 50 years in Kansas City itself come 2032. Those early prophetic words insisted that he would in no way be mature enough until he was much older.

Joshua often calls people to a journey that will take 50 or more years to complete. Job was perhaps the most extreme, called at age 70 and running for 70 more years.

I know young people following this blog may have similar life calls. Prepare for a journey similar to what Bickle is recounting above. Don't get caught in the conceit of youth.

I have read about studies of people who have made great discoveries. People in STEM fields usually make their most important discoveries by age 25. But, people working in Humanities related fields make their most important discoveries after age 70.

By this standard anyone in ministry who is world class will not reach their prime until around age 70. Bickle is still not yet in his prime by this standard. The prophetic was hounding him on this point when he was in his late 20s.

The Face Of Christianity Will Change

These early prophetic words to Bickle explained that when he was much older, the face or outward expression or practice of Christianity everywhere around the world would change.

Bickle tries to explain this in various ways. The first is through scale, say use of stadiums. Christianity has had stadium grade ministries since the 1950s. I think of Billy Graham's early New York City revivals which were stadium grade huge and went on for months. These events were so well attended that all the important politicians wanted to be on stage with Graham, including then vice president Richard Nixon.

A return to this would represent a return to political respectability for Christianity, but this is not an unknown change of Christian expression.

Bickle also tries to explain this through changes in leadership, especially lay leadership. There may be a component to this, but training is needed because of problems in the Bible. It is internally contradictory. We have also had lay leaders throughout christian history. This is along the lines of how denominations form. This process is known and would not change all existing expression, it would only add a new flavor.

What that change will look like is still hidden to Bickle, even these many years later. He was given prophetic clues, and we may be near the actual answer. Let me explain.

Box To The Stadium

Bickle recounts a prophetic word of a group of people carrying something like an ark. Those carrying the ark walk from an intersection near their current building north about 12 miles to the big stadium near I-70.

This prophetic seems to mark the main detail of the change in Christianity that has been prophesied. That change will bring on huge crowds.

The ark in the text is what carried the stone tablets carved by the finger of god. This is a picture of inspired text. So within the prophetic origins of IHOPKC this prophetic carries the idea of the introduction of inspired writing.

This is what must happen to change Christianity itself.

Let me suggest that a provable, compelling, change in the fundamental documentation on which Christianity gets its authority is the way this predicted change will happen. If that change comes from the scientific world, as we expect, then it would also cancel secularism as a religion and boost Christianity in ways never seen before.

That text will demand a different expression than what we know. That is what will be presented to stadium sized crowds.

Offered A Chariot Ride

Bickle recounts a prophetic experience he had when he was taken into heaven. He was offered a ride, or at least a seat, in a chariot. He considered himself unworthy and got himself into trouble on this point.

There were other details, including blue sky and clouds. He is then pushed out, or falls out, of heaven into the darkness of space. He then falls back to earth. Along the way down he falls past earth's moon.

There are 2 general points in this episode worth explaining here. Eden is located inside what is now a moon of Saturn. It is hollow and in the middle gravity is down and importantly out and away from the center of that planet. So falling down there is falling out and away from the skies in the middle of that world.

This is confusing for anyone until the basic design is understood. Bickle himself was confused on what was going on, making him a better witness.

This episode convinces me he has Joshua's favor and that he had a genuine visit of his own to that place. Many others have been there too in visions. This is not unique to Bickle.

The chariot that he was offered must match some chariot in the text because this is how all symbols like this work. In this case it is likely the chariot of Elijah. Why? Because Elijah traveled through space in a chariot too, just like this vision itself. Without such a chariot things will not go well, as his testimony implies. Important to this is the understanding that Elijah was taken off earth alive, without having died.

We currently believe this is only possible when someone understands Joshua's character as described in inspired scripture. Christians always die because they do not have inspired scripture.

We have no modern Christian testimony of any leader, nor lay person, ever being taken by a UFO instead of death. Churches are often surrounded by cemeteries. Chariot rides like Elijah are not possible using the Bible alone, or at least as generally understood.

That offer of a chariot ride tells us something very important about the other prophetic words on the eventual change in the outward expression of Christianity. It must change its fundamental documents so those rides are possible once again. Bickle will live long enough to have the chance to switch his foundation. So he has a chance to live long enough for such a ride.

Ryan and I have used this example of Elijah extensively in conversations with friends. This is what it fundamentally means to be saved. It means being picked up by one of those chariots.

Now we can see it offered prophetically to someone who we expect to live long enough to be given such a ride. This is from a source outside of our circles. So it is not based on our own testimony. This was a prophetic event over 30 years ago. So this is a compelling second witness to our position.

This may not be easy to attain. There is no free grace, that idea is not inspired. It is a left over from the Bible. Chariot rides may also not be that common, but they will be possible again.

Gideon's Army

Several times Bickle refers in his origin prophetic stories to Gideon. He uses the term Gideon's Army to describe the people involved. He is likening his work in Kansas City to that army. This is compelling along several lines. Recall the story of Gideon.

Gideon begins with a large army. But by the time that army goes to battle it has been substantially reduced in scale. In the end 3 groups of 100 men are able to defeat the Midianites. When they do, it is through unconventional means, using torches and pitchers.

Bickle's history connects to some of the largest ministries of our day. He mentions Reinhard Bonnke who is most famous for revivals in Africa with over 1,000,000 people in individual meetings. Bickle was also involved with John Wimber of the Vineyard movement. That movement may be the 1974 seal date denomination, so Bickle is well connected at scale, well connected to a large army. IHOPKC is not that small either.

But follow Gideon's story down to the battle.

He reduced his army to a very small number. In the historical account his army was reduced to 300 men or 3 house churches worth of people. Only then is Gidon ready to defeat the Midianites.

I discussed in a previous blog the term Midian, or Median, or Middle. This is the name for China, the Middle Kingdom. It was a timed prophetic replay of the Gideon story when China downed a plane on Hainan island, deciding at the time to go to war.

Here we might be seeing the other end of Gideon's war. When a Gideon on this end of the war has victory. When Gideon's group is no longer measured in tens of thousands, but a few hundred.

Those early prophetic words that Bickle is recounting in these talks is calling out Kansas City as the place where Gideon defeats the Midianites. This is where a small prophetic group may ultimately defeat the Chinese.

TVs Without Cords

There is confirmation in this set of early prophetic words that this is indeed the Chinese invasion.

The prophetic word was given. This will be watched by Asians, sitting in rice paddies, watching Kansas City on their unplugged TVs. As Bickle explains, an unplugged TV is a vision of cell phones, not yet invented at the time.

Why are they watching? Because they will be following war news from their army's front line. All the normal sorts of totalitarian war propaganda. They will be watching how well everything is going for their side.

Why from their rice paddies? Because food security is why the invasion takes place.

What will they see? Kansas City. Why? Because it does not fall, Gideon's army is there. There own army will loose face.

Don't Speak Back

At several points in his talks he stops and discusses not speaking back to those who come against you. This is an important life lesson with many expressions.

Bickle survived serious controversies in his time with what were called the Kansas City Prophets. I do think some of what happened later was false prophets attracted to his platform. Maybe they were sent to intentionally discredit it? I don't know. I have never followed his work very closely.

But this attitude of not answering critics is an important skill in life. It is why Bickle survived that era and is still talking to us now.

The scriptural basis for this is when the Assyrians invaded and surrounded ancient Jerusalem. All hope of surviving in the city was given up. The commander of the army was shouting insults at the men on the city wall. The men on the wall were told not to answer the field commander's accusations, not a word.

Instead of answering them, the leaders of the city had to ignore them. They instead went to Joshua in prayer and were eventually delivered.

This attitude in Kansas city marks them as the survivors of an invasion. An invasion by Assyrians, or if you will, people from the east. The reason Jerusalem did not fall is because a copy of the inspired text was buried in the temple wall, to be rediscovered later. By the time this happens, Kansas city may contain the same documents, we will see.

This prophetic story is another clue that Kansas City will survive, even though it is on the wrong side of the Missouri river. If the Chinese invasion plan says no crossing of the big rivers until all land on the western side of the Missouri is taken, then this city holding on, alone, would stop the overall invasion. It would be an answer to everyone's prayers.

A Horse and 2 Rabid Dogs

Another foundational story Bickle tells is of a horse in a river and 2 rabid dogs. One dog is on 1 side of the river, the other dog on the other.

The dogs will not enter the river because the water will cause the dogs to choke and die. In this way the horse is saved.

I see this as an interesting vision of the Missouri river itself.

Kansas city and the prophetic work at Kansas city, would be the horse.

The 2 rabid dogs are the 2 armies coming together at that river. The Chinese are easy enough to identify as 1 of those dogs. But, what about the other side? The other rabid dog?

The American army, with a nearly identical totalitarian leadership will be on the eastern side of the Missouri. By rejecting religious exemptions to the vaccine, the American side has demonstrated it is just as godless as China. Pages and pages could be written about other examples.

This story of 2 rabid dogs calls out both armies. They are a matched pair. Both dogs are defeated, apparently at Kansas City itself. Neither dog can cross the river.

Stopping World War 3

If both rabid dogs, both sides, are stopped at the river at Kansas city, then perhaps it would be fair to say that World War 3 itself is stopped at Kansas City.

This would be why Kansas city got so much prophetic attention in the early 1980s, maybe around 50 years early. We should consider this on our other list of prophets speaking decades into the future.

Kansas City might be a very special place indeed.

More Later,