Ukraine Update

We are very nearly 40 days out from the March 1, 2022, prophetic date that matched Noah and the Exodus to Ukraine. Time to review what we know so far. Will war there settle down?

Hope For Next Few Days

The best hope for the fighting in Ukraine is that at the 40 day mark, or so, there would be some sort of suspension in the fighting.

The First Persian Gulf War had this quality. A 40 day air campaign and then about 100 hours of ground fighting, and then it was mostly over for the better part of a decade.

So if this hopeful pattern plays again here, then around Sunday, April 10, 2022, would be the 40 day mark, with maybe another few days to an end in fighting.

The known prophetic stories for this, especially 600 days of Pharaoh chasing, do not expect any slowdown at April 10, 2022, but people have been asking about this question, thus this blog post.

As I write this, this does NOT look like there will be a 40 day stop in Ukraine. US/NATO has many reasons to press on and keep their war active. Here are a few links for those interested in learning more. Summary at the bottom.

American Playbook

This article is extensively cited and is drawing in articles from across the web dealing with the financial impacts on the west of western sanctions on Russia. I've written about this before, but there is growing consensus on the damage the west has done to itself.

As of April 1, 2022, Russia started demanding payment for (especially) natural gas in Rubles. Most Euros and most Dollars are just ledger entries, ultimately in the European Central Bank and US Federal Reserve Bank. Euros and Dollars do not exist as physical things. Franchises of these central banks, the big commercial banks, provide the rest of the currency creation and ledger functions. You know this as your checking or debit card account.

When the western central banks confiscated about $640B in Russian owned bank ledger entries at western banks, the west made the Euro and Dollar into what Russians called candy wrappers. In so doing the west showed the rest of the world that bank credits in the west are no longer trustworthy.

In classic bank runs, the closing of teller windows to withdrawals is proof to all depositors that the bank is insolvent. Western bankers just created a slow motion, high value, planetary wide, bank run when they closed their teller window to Russia.

The prophetic story involves asking Pharaoh for gold. The Russians are moving to a gold backed Rubble as a result. A fine prophetic match. China and Russia, a team in this crisis, see below, have a stunning amount of gold in their national reserves. This is not so in the west.

Russia Ukraine Conflict

This article is a preface and then English translation of a long report by Jacques Baud. Baud is a retired Swiss Colonel who worked at the UN dealing with military conflicts such as we see now in Ukraine.

Because of his UN work, Baud's view is going to be consistent with how other nations look at this conflict. He sets the history in Ukraine differently than we have considered so far, this will impact how we eventually chart this conflict.

Instead of looking at the Russian invasion as having started around February 24, 2022, Baud sets the start of fighting in Ukraine at February 16, 2022. This is when NATO backed Ukrainian forces started attacking Russian interests in south east Ukraine.

This is why, Baud argues, Biden knew Russia would soon invade. Biden had already started the war to force Russia to act, even though western media was mute.

History usually views the first shooter as responsible for war, so this is a big difference from what we have considered so far. Pharaoh chasing those who want to flee puts agency on starting this war with the west. As China seems to be indicating too, see below.


This article on Zero Hedge picks up on the mysterious timing between financial impacts in the west from sanctions on Russia and new Covid lock downs in China.

Let me remind you that Covid 19 has always been a hoax. Though western mRNA vaccine deaths are very real, the Chinese don't use the same vaccine tech, so they are not expected to loose 1/3rd of their people.

So why is China hoaxing Covid now?

It provides China a way to enter NATO's war against Russia on Russia' side. Upsetting supply lines to the west, and thus upsetting western economies. It also potentially gives the west cover to kill more people using vaccines. The west cannot publicly call out China for supporting Russia in this way because it would expose Covid as political theater.

China stopped Pelosi from traveling to Taiwan to goad their people into following in Ukraine's footsteps. Her Covid hoax was apparently done under direct threat from China. Read more on Pelosi and China either from Martin Armstrong or from Zero Hedge.


This article by Martin Armstrong gives his insight on what has happened in Bucha. He considers it a false flag that sets the trajectory to World War 3.

Let me review. The Russians pulled back from the area around Kiev in order to focus on protecting Russian citizens living in the south east of Ukraine. With some evidence in support, the Russians left the town of Bucha more or less clean.

The Bucha Mayor was happy and had nothing bad to report. But, there was retribution to be paid. Anyone thought sympathetic to Russia was rounded up and shot. The NATO side then claimed mass execution of civilians on the part of Russia.

This is the same western playbook as 911, or Saddam Hussein's purported weapons of mass destruction, or chemical weapons used in Syria. A false flag used to get the western public behind future escalation in the fighting.

This, more than anything else, is why I am NOT expecting this conflict to drop off in the next few days. Instead Ukraine is now an ongoing low grade war. It eventually escalates to nuclear war and to a Chinese ground invasion of North America.

More Later,