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Buildings 2019-09-20

This week's talk explores the 500 year, 10-fold Jubilee, cycles of history. This talk explores the buildings that mark the cycle.
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Reincarnation 2019-09-13

This is the second and final week of guest speakers on the blog. This week's speaker is Dr. Jim Tucker. He runs a research group at the Univerity of Virginia dedicated to studying cases of childhood reincarnation. The UVA group has been in operation since 1967 and has meticulously collected files on 2500 individual childhood reincarnation cases. My commentary on this extraordinary work follows below.
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The Soul 2019-09-06

As you know we are working on translation issues, what does the inspired subset of the Bible say, and what does it mean. In the following video the presenter, Rupert Sheldrake, effectively a guest speaker this week, covers various experiments dealing with his term 'mind' and how it extends beyond our normal bodies. My commentary on his work follows below.
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USA Map 2019-08-23

This week's talk explores the overall design of the United States itself. Also in this blog post is review of Tabernacles and our current status.
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Disneyland Map 2019-08-02

This week's talk explores the overall design of Disneyland in Anaheim, California. Also following is a status report on our move.
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Ezekiel Commandments 2019-07-12

This week's talk explains how the commandments map to the cells of the Ezekiel Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, with another editing pass through material from Hebrews. Details follow.
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River Case 2019-07-05

This week's talk introduces the final of four 3D printed cases, the River Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, in particular the very end of the Testimony. Also, a mid-year call for planners. Details follow.
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City Case 2019-06-28

This week's talk introduces the third of four 3D printed cases, the City Case. We have also updated the BRB and TT, details follow.
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Joseph Case 2019-06-21

This week's talk introduces the second of four 3D printed cases.
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Ezekiel Case 2019-06-14

This week's talk introduces the first of four 3D printed cases.
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Paleo Vocabulary 2019-06-07

This week's talk introduces the Paleo Language system of determining word definitions. Also this week are updates to the TT, BRB, and BOM.
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Additions Series, Talk 2 2019-05-24

This week's talk is the second talk from our series on additions. This talk starts with the parable of the Wheat and Tares and shows why the problem is additions.
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Talk Series on Additions 2019-05-17

This week's talk starts a new series on Additions. The Bill of Materials website is now live. Finally, lightening strikes.
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Aramaic Primacy 2019-05-03

This week's talk is on Aramaic Primacy.
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Using Lots 2019-04-26

This week's talk deals with the Lots Tool of The Testimony App. The TT and BRB received vocabulary editing. The manuscript repair code continued to grow. Some thoughts about what happens when we have the manuscript. A final thought on Russia's new nuclear torpedo.
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Doctrinal Statements 2019-04-19

This week's videos deals with a popular doctrinal statement. The TT and BRB were both updated. Also, I'm onto manuscript recovery code.
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Alphabet Video 2019-04-12

Our first video on the Paleo Alphabet is now online. Also, TT and BRB updates and a BOM delay.
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Weekly Update 2019-04-05

Part 2 of the Structure and Content video is online. BRB and TT apps updated. BOM progressing.
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New Talk and Website Updates 2019-03-29

TT Structure and Content talk is online. The website was updated to index talks better.
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Noah Video 2019-03-22

I've posted a Noah's Flood video. A prophetic warning.
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Busy Week 2019-03-15

New video now online, audio tracks now online, updates to TT and BRB, website updates, 3D mostly done and a blizzard to top it off.
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Try, Try Again 2019-03-08

This week, second try on our BRB video. Status on 3D, TT and BRB follow.
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BRB Tour Video Online 2019-03-01

Our 2nd video is online, details follow.
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First Video Online 2019-02-22

We just uploaded our first video. Link and back story follow.
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Friday Update 2019-02-08

This week's Testimony work is in the General Epistles. The 3rd case design is finished, with issues, and a few parts for case #4 are printed. We also started prepping the teleprompter for video. Details follow.
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Book Chain 2019-02-01

We've updated the TT and BRB as usual on Friday. This week's work includes attention to the book chain. Also, continuing with 3D modeling for cases. Details follow.
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Section Heading Milestone 2019-01-25

With today's deploy, the Testimony app now has a complete set of 400 section headings. Details on this, and on the 3D work, follow below.
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Annual Planners 2019-01-18

Annual Planner printing next week. Also, weekly update to the Testimony. Details follow.
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TT Update 2019-01-11

The Testimony text was updated today. Details of changes follow. Also, thoughts on Passover and Videos at the end of this update.
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Post Holiday Update 2019-01-04

We're back at our desks after a trip out west for the holidays. Out today, Friday, are updates to the TT and BRB, and there is more to cover on Patreon. Read on for more.
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December Status 2018-12-18

We're headed out for the holidays. Much going on. Here's the latest.
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November Status 2018-11-28

Been busy around here the last few weeks. Updates on 3D model work and Video work follows below.
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BRB Back Online 2018-11-11

Our old friend the Bible Research Bible (BRB) is back online. Details follow.
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The Testimony Online 2018-09-18

We've finished getting The Testimony working from our website. Details follow about getting it installed on your phone, as well as major changes and features.
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September Status 2018-09-03

It has been a busy summer, and much has been going on. With this post our old email list has been brought back online, as well as a few new subscribers. This post covers project and personal status.
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Personal Name of God 2018-07-20

Throughout our work we use the name Joshua instead of Jesus for the personal name of god. We have good reasons for this which I need to explain before we go any further.
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Reorganizing Everything Online 2018-07-18

In the middle of 2018 we reorganized nearly everything about our online presence. We had told friends we were going to do this early in 2018. But, we were delayed with some technical work. This post explains the delay... We found a book.
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