Paleo Language Institute


We are advancing on the project of recovering the inspired parts of the Bible. We can do this because people are supporting us.

This page explains what you need to know if you would also like to support us.

The Short Answer

Checks should be made out and mailed to:

Paleo Language Institute, LLC
743 Gold Hill Place South #101
Woodland Park, CO 80853

If you want to support us regularly please use your own bank's auto-pay feature and use the above information as the business being paid.

The Long Answer

We are registered in the State of Colorado as an LLC, which is not a non-profit as many might expect. If you want, you can think of us as like an open-source software company. Our 'products' are mostly given away.

We are registered this way because we have been told prophetically that non-profits are seen by Joshua God as extensions of government itself.

"From whom to the kings of the world collect tax? From their own sons? Or someone else?"

Kings of the earth do not collect tax from their own sons, ie non-profits. Non-profits are usually cleaning up messes created by kings themselves, thus their non-profit nature.

The non-profit nature of religious organizations mark them as under the direction of kings of the earth. If you have earthly enemies, they surely include earthly kings and their sons.

Our LLC filing status means that gifts to us are not normally tax deductible. But, in conversation with a Revenue Agent from the IRS, we were clearly told that since we are not a religious organization, deductibility of gifts is an issue between the taxpayer and their CPA.

You should check with your CPA in order to determine deductibility in your specific case, should this even matter to you. Be sure to tell your CPA that we are an LLC, and tell them why you are giving.

This is just as books purchased from Amazon, a for-profit company, are sometimes tax deductible.

Some Principles

We prefer checks because they are not normally a debt instrument. Debt is a modern marker of slavery. Someone in debt should be thinking about how to get out of debt, and not go deeper into it.

People like us, supported by gifts, should not be aiding the enslavement of others through debt.

Use of a check suggests our supporters have the money to support us.

We don't accept credit cards (nor debit cards, at least for now) in order to discourage debt accumulation.

We also don't like the auto-billing features of credit card systems. If you want to support us, then do so. We are not going to 'pick your pocket' each month. Use of auto-pay at your own bank means you are in control of this, not us.

Please don't send cash through the mail. Friends have tried this in the past and it is usually lost in transit.